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Supergrover August 26, 2007 08:40 AM

Why do You Fold?
Kinda thought this might be a topic for anyone thinking of getting into Folding, I know alot of members fold for personal reasons and thought sharing them might inspire others. If you're one of the ones that fold for pure points well thats sad IMO, while we all watch our PPD, F@H isnt about that IMHO, it is about the common person doing what they can to help mankind. Who knows you might just save yourself.:whistle:

So lets start off:

I fold because I lost my mother to cancer @ a young age, well that got me started anyways, I thought hey if this works then great maybe I can help others not feel the same pain. That was awhile ago now and for me the reasons have changed, now I fold for 4 friends that have variuos forms of cancer, a good buddy and fellow MOD, not here, just told me he was diagnosed with throat cancer last week, 27 years young W/ 3 kids and a wife:sad: .
My wifes family has a history of breast cancer, her Grandmother died of it , both her sisters were dianosed with it plus her mom so the odds are she will end up with it too.
Then there is the aquaintices, ppl I know but not well, most notably Femfolder, a stanch supporter of F @ H for many years, these are the reasons I fold, not for some stupid points system, but for real ppl with familys that are left to pickup the pieces of there lives.

So I say to you NON-folder: Fold for christ sake you never know who will be next, maybe you or worse someone you love.:dots:


sswilson August 26, 2007 08:59 AM

I've been intrigued with distributed computing since I first heard about SETI@home.

My days of spending hours on end gaming are behind me, and as a hardware wienie I always had a lot more processing power than I needed for any of my real use applications so some form of distributed computing seems like a perfect match.

I ran seti for a while but the benefits of folding appear to offer a better chance of actually affecting a real life positive output so I switched over.

On the hardware side, it's also a really effective way of demonstrating 24/7 stability on an OC.

pscout August 27, 2007 08:41 AM

I got started a couple of years ago when I got interested in oc'ing and built my first rig from scratch - a p4 3.0 prescott. I had played with oc'ing with a few rigs i had bought for the kids but without a lot of success and had been working with pc's at work since ibm first introduced them (I worked for IBM).

Since i had all this horsepower that was largely underutilized except for some ripping/encoding apps, I looked around for the dc projects my brother had told me about. Folding seemed like a project that was more likely to have tangible results to me than seti so i started folding on the 1 rig. After a couple of months i decided to join a team ... looked for a canadian team but couldn't find one with a presence so i joined up with OCF where i had found most of my learnings on oc'ing.

Since i had a few other computers around, i started folding on them. Then i incrementally started adding rigs as oc'ing projects. At this point, it would be fair to say that i also got hooked on the competition that the points system creates. A few more used rigs were bought as oc'ing projects, but when the oc'ing was completed, they were put to work folding rather than replacing the hardware for the next oc'ing project. As the number of rigs grew, so did the need for management, so i built a ghetto rack, wired up a basement storage room with a few dedicated circuits and consolidated all the folding rigs in to my caseless rack setup.

Since i work in IT at a fairly senior level, it don't get to touch things much directly at work ... so my little home datacentre lets me get my hands dirty. And i use it to play with virtualization (vmware), linux, managed networks, large scale cooling (including a work in progress geothermal system). And folding is my production target that let me focus the output of these projects on something tanglible. The realities of $ to buy and operate it all, and time to manage/build it have led me to a self imposed limit on the number of rigs i run.

So my interests in all aspects of computing have an underlying goal which is to maximize the folding i can do within my current budgetary constraints.
While the results of folding are not likely to help people like me or my friends/family who have battled cancer, parkinsons, alzhiemers, huntingdons, etc etc diseases, I do expect it to benefit possibly my kids or at least their kids. So while i can't directly fulfill my need to find causes and cures to these diseases, folding lets me feel that at least some of the effort I put into my computing hobbies, will have some positive lasting effect.

Amon August 27, 2007 05:50 PM

To be frank, I do it to make the most of idling. Not to sound anti-climatic, but I'm not driven to fold for the cause by the deaths of anyone I know.

Gamashinoch August 28, 2007 05:02 PM

Ya i used to crunch SETI and UnitedDevices. I'm with Amon on the idling thing. But just 3 weeks ago my aunt got diagnosed with breast cancer and they took one of them. So now I guess I do have a reason.

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