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bissa September 9, 2009 12:13 PM

Imagine the PPD
3 of these and a 295 for video output.
what kind of numbers do you guys actually think that rig would get?

El_Fiendo September 9, 2009 12:42 PM

Unfortunately not much. If you could folding to work, as the clients require a monitor (or dummy plug) attached to the card, you'd probably get equivalent to what the mainstream version of the chip under the hood would get. For instance, I believe this is a GTX 280 or GTX 285. You'd most likely see PPD equivalent to one of those two cards. The reason, and I may be wrong, is that what seperates Teslas and Geforces is the BIOS / software it runs (reliability instead of FPS power) and the added memory, both of which have little effect on folding.

I was also looking at Teslas in a rig once, but soon nixed the idea realizing it wasn't cost effective. Unless you have a program that knows how to call on the benefits of a Tesla, you won't see any performance gains. Unfortunately the F@H console falls in this category. Though that would be pretty awesome to have a Cray CX1 loaded to the gills with GPUs.

bissa September 9, 2009 12:46 PM

damn, what would be the best folding setup if cost was no issue?

CMetaphor September 9, 2009 12:56 PM

4x GTX285 Classifieds with the new x58 classified mobo from eVGA? :ph34r: Or 4x GTX295's in the same board.

El_Fiendo September 9, 2009 01:04 PM

Hmm, well I'd imagine something along the lines of:

1 Tyan dual 1366 motherboard
2 Intel i7 (i9) or equivalent Xeons (make sure to get hyperthreading!)
As many GTX 295s / GTX 285s as you can fit on the motherboard. The motherboards should all have 4 PCI-E slots now, spaced just right so you should be good. I say GTX 285s as some people can't get GTX 295s to fold on all available cores. Usually I've seen 3 cores folding with the 4th core throwing errors. This looks like drivers more than anything though.

With the 2 x i7 / i7 Xeon equivalents, you'd be working with 8 cores physical, 8 cores virtual. While it wouldn't be as capable as a full 16 cores, it does its fair share of work. With 2 x i9 / i9 Xeon equivalents, you'd be dealing with 12 physical cores, 12 virtual cores. 24 cores(*) total. Again, not as powerful as a full 24 cores, but damn faster than just 12. Using VM Ware clients and the Notfred's diskless folding, you'd get ~9000 PPD per i7 alone. So, probably around 16-18k PPD for 2 i7s, + video cards extra. I can only speculate at i9, but if we assume that it scales linearly, then ~13500 per chip, so 25-27k total on processors alone. Then with added GPU power. If you used 4 x GTX 285s, they'd produce ~30000k PPD total I'd say. 26-31k would be the range, plus the CPU PPD. You could look at anywhere from 44000 on the low end (i7s and GTX 285s) up to a theoretical 57-60k. What you'd actually get would be -10% or so for real world values, and + or - some for overclocking. But a very sexy single rig it would be.

Some guys on here have actual 16 core rigs, one being Behemoth. From what I understand, they do pretty beautifully themselves, though I'm not up on what the downside is on 16 physical cores vs my solution of 8 physical / 8 virtual. I assume that pretty soon there would be quad banger (4 CPU 1366 motherboards), simply because it has to happen eventually so that may well be a dream option as well. 24 physical cores with i9, 48 total including virtual cores.

On that note, what's the limit of cores that Windows can recognize? Linux?

bissa September 9, 2009 01:04 PM

ya, but then you would need some PSUs outside of the case to have enough plugs to support that.
EDIT: for metaphors idea.

Zero82z September 9, 2009 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by bissa (Post 252715)
damn, what would be the best folding setup if cost was no issue?

GTX295s. There is also a limitation to how many GPUs you can have running in a single system, so trying to cram a lot of low-PPD cards into a single rig isn't a good approach. The GTX295 is the most effective way of getting a lot of PPD into a single machine.

bissa September 9, 2009 01:08 PM

once I get a job as a network admin set up F@H on all the workstations running 50% so it is not noticeable and you would have one hell of a server farm (of types) :thumb:
EDIT: what does affect how well a GPU can fold?

Sushi Warrior September 9, 2009 02:36 PM

The new Classified 4x SLI mobo with 7 GTX295's with waterblocks and single slot brackets? Or does the mobo not support that many GPU's? Rather have 7 295's over another processor.

El_Fiendo September 9, 2009 02:44 PM

I think there is a limit of 4 GPUs. I'm not sure if this is Windows or Forceware drivers (or even a hardware issue). It's not an SLI issue (as in SLI will work up to x4 but you can have more graphics cards un-SLI'd), I think more along the lines of actual GPU recognition past 4 of them. I'm probably wrong though. Anyways, I've never seen anyone run 4 GTX 295s without at least 1 core giving them an issue, so I'd personally stick to GTX 285s.

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