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punk_zappa April 5, 2009 01:06 PM

WU is stuck
WU is stuck with 1/1000000. It's been like that for more than an hour. Does this happen sometimes?

Also, I am using my P35 and 8800GTS (G80) to fold and noticed that with nVIDIA GPU client has the 20000000 WUs. Is this the norm with this client? Or can I choose a lower WU? Higher WU takes about 7 hours.

chrisk April 5, 2009 01:51 PM

Is the stuck WU the gpu client or the cpu? The cpu clients can take a long time to do, especially if you have core priority set to low and are doing other things.

As for your second question, I have never heard of those WUs, or seen one with that many zeroes. You can't choose your WUs, you just download them. Are you using FahMon to view this information?

punk_zappa April 5, 2009 02:52 PM

1. It is a GPU client. First time it happened like that. I just rebooted and hopefully that fixes it.
2. I believe it is a GPU2 system tray with special viewer client and it is indeed that too many of zeroes.

Update to number 1; It is now good to go. Too bad I lost 2 hours to get it going.

3.0charlie April 5, 2009 02:56 PM

Do not use the nvidia Client with viewer - it is bugged. Use the Systray Client, Beta.

punk_zappa April 5, 2009 04:06 PM

Thank you, Sir. Will delete that client and install new client as you suggested.

Dashock April 5, 2009 06:13 PM

Yea the client viewer still has not been fixed and this issue has been said for ages wonder whats taking them so long to fix it? But then again the viewer would make the ppd lower so i dont know if i wanna view it.

Jake_HT April 5, 2009 06:32 PM

I use the tray thing client the viewer, but don't use the viewer! BSOD waiting to happen... It's fine for me, however the SMP client hates me.

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