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3.0charlie May 26, 2007 10:50 AM

(almost) Ready to jump in!
I need a few day to set up my main rig (which has been offline and stowed for about 4 months) and start folding. I just bought a wireless PCI card, need to have it shipped and installed (3-4 days).

Rig: Intel 3.2E @ 4.0 water-cooled with a BBA X800XT PE water-cooled too. Plenty of RAM and HDD space. I won't use it for anything else than folding 24/7, at the moment.

What would be the best set-up for maximum results? Please consider the following: I'm a noob folding-wise, and know nothing about Linux.


pscout May 26, 2007 02:25 PM

I would start it out on a single core no-nonsense text version 5.04 client.
In general it is best in the long run to avoid the gui versions of the clients so there is one less thing to have issues with. The open g/l conflicts it can have are not such a big issue on a dedicated folding rig since you aren't likely to be running conflicting apps there. The screensaver option with the gui is not necesary since the client will not take over the machine when you need to use it.

It can be run from the desktop or as a service as per faq.

If you have no issues with network bandwidth then confiure it for big packets and run with advmethods. That will get best production for a single core.

To configure/run the client, just run the exe you download. Make sure it is in its own directory. Supergrover's FAQ is a good reference.

I am not one for recommending other setups that may produce better points production but hinder the science. Your HT p4 has another folding option or 2 but they will slow down the completion of results which is not good for the science.

If you have any questions, post away or pm me.

and welcome to the team :biggrin:

3.0charlie May 26, 2007 02:51 PM

Oh boy... good thing I wrote that I was a noob... GUI: graphic unit interface, right? Honestly, I'd rather start with this. I'm a visual. Like I stated, it will be dedicated stricly to folding.

Network Bandwidth is not an issue.

That's for the cpu - what about the gpu? Can it be used too? It's oc'ed right now, does it need to stay that way? Or can I use the default speeds?

Once I'm set up (I started the rig today - waiting for the wireless PCI), I'll let you know - but I will read the FAQ.



pscout May 26, 2007 08:17 PM

Hey, go with the gui version if you want.

I used it for the first few weeks i started folding on my main rig then got annoyed with it. But on a dedicated folding rig you should be fine.

On your gpu .. sorry but the entry level gpu is x1650 I believe, but even they are not worth folding on since it also takes cpu. x1900 and up are really the only viable gpu folders.
If you want to save some power and heat, just swap out your x800 for a cheap pci video card ( used for <$10, new for ~$20) ... thats how all my dedicated folding rigs run now.

Or, there is an agp version of the x1950 pro which will probably produce more points than your cpu - around 600 ppd dedicated 724. And from what I have read, with your HT p4, you could still run the standard client. You can get them for ~ $200 I think these days. Nvidia's aren't supported at all.

I was going to run some of my older rigs this way, but have instead gone dual core or quad so I don't gpu fold anymore and run smp folding clients instead.

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