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Alwaysrun January 16, 2009 12:36 PM

Shader Process OC
Just wanted to make a new thread regarding attempts to OC shaders to hopefully up ppd.
I don't know how charlie fared yesterday when he OC'd his GTX 9800x2 by bottoming out Core and memory and cranking up shaders. Temps obviously go way down and I've found I could up my shaders considerably over my previous attempts when core and mem were left at stock. Before I could only get my shaders up to 1458 from 1404 and didn't really see much difference with folding (minimal at best). Now by bottoming out my core and mem I can get my shaders to 1620 folding stable. Heres an example.

Before 666/1404/1150
Project : 5764
Core : GPUv2 Gromacs
Frames : 100
Credit : 384
-- GTX 260 Black --
Min. Time / Frame : 44s - 7540.36 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 44s - 7540.36 ppd
Cur. Time / Frame : 49s - 6770.94 ppd
R3F. Time / Frame : 48s - 6912.00 ppd
Eff. Time / Frame : 48s - 6912.00 ppd

After 500/1620/865
Project : 5764
Core : GPUv2 Gromacs
Frames : 100
Credit : 384
-- GTX 260 Black --
Min. Time / Frame : 44s - 7540.36 ppd
Avg. Time / Frame : 44s - 7540.36 ppd
Cur. Time / Frame : 46s - 7212.52 ppd
R3F. Time / Frame : 47s - 7059.06 ppd
Eff. Time / Frame : 40s - 8294.40 ppd

Seems great...but maybe to great. I'm thinking thats just to much of a jump.
It's funny yesterday I complained about the 511 point WU's and today when I want one to compare they are no where to be seen heh.

I went a little overboard on the shaders a few times and got my 1st two Unstable machine errors so dern'it all to heck I guess I ruined 2 :censored::doh:

LCB001 January 16, 2009 12:50 PM

Great idea for a new thread, looks like your getting a bad case of the Folding Bug that going around. Don't worry about the EUE's we all get them, could also be a bad WU they happen. All WU's are Folded by multiple Folders to double check results anyway...
FYI; 3.0charlie has a 9800GT vanilla not an x2 as far as I know...

3.0charlie January 16, 2009 03:01 PM

I wished I had a 9800X2... as LCB said, it's a plain, vanilla 9800GT. Results:

min. core and mem speeds, max. shaders (or for the time being 1728MHz).
WU 5772 (353 pts): 5170 ppd... perfectly stable. Core is at 77C.

I'd say it works.

I'll raise the shaders later tonight to 1784MHz (next setting).

Alwaysrun January 16, 2009 04:04 PM

After 5 WUs today completed I agree. PPD is up around roughly 11% and temp is really good and 13C cooler than stock. This is turning into a win win situation. More ppd, less heat and I suspect alot less power draw. :thumb:

chrisk January 16, 2009 04:19 PM

I am trying this on my 9800GTX+ (figured I would try this as I know LCB001 has this card)...I reached too far...the defaults for this card (factory OC I believe) were 770 core, 1125 mem, 1944 shaders. I went with 550/900/2100 shaders, but got eues almost right away...I'll see what I can get out of the GTX but it looks like it might not be much more than what the card was already getting.

Prof. Dr. Silver January 16, 2009 10:45 PM

It was me with the 9800 GX2 actually. After talking about this last night, I dropped my cores too... from 600/1000/1500 to 450/798/1750, however, I haven't been home all day, so I couldn't really tell you if it worked yet. I just hope that EUE bug stayed away from my home! What I saw last night from the temps though.... there wasn't much improvement, the power draw hower went down a bit...

Edit: I just checked my stats online and it looks that the rig was folding on both cores for a few hours and then one core gave up! We'll see when we get home tonight!

Alwaysrun January 16, 2009 10:48 PM

I always saw people writing that overclocking a card was more demanding with folding than gaming. When I was OC'ing I used the game COD:WaW because it really cranks out the shadows and particles if you max out the graphic options and strangely I found the exact opposite to be true. WaW would crash so I tuned my shaders to only 1458 to make the game stable then tried folding and got no problems. Now that I'm tinkering with the core, mem set really low and shaders up to 1620 it's folding stable so I thought hrmm maybe I'll try cranking my core and mem back up and see if that crashes or still stays folding stable. Well sure enough 2 WUs passed ok. I'm just rambling on here I suppose but it seems like folding isn't as stressful on the shaders as some games. Or maybe it's just me not using enough variation of 3d stressing and maybe my crashing in WaW was a program specific problem and not over shooting a stable overclock. Man I really feel for the hardcore benchmarkers and reviewers who have to do so much testing. Sky does what 5 passes of sythetic benchmarks and game benches in like 4 resolutions, times what? 6 different games. omg what a pain in the arse...give these guys a medal!

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