ASRock P45R2000-WiFi Motherboard Review

by Eldonko     |     August 6, 2008

ASRock P45R2000-WiFi DDR2 / DDR3 Motherboard Review

Manufacturer Product Page: ASRock P45R2000-WiFi Overview
Product Number: P45R2000-WiFi
Availability: TBD
Price: TBD
Warranty Length: 3 years

Following up the X48TurboTwins-WiFi, ASRock continues with the philosophy of catering to the mid-range and high-end (enthusiast) markets with a board utilizing another new Intel chipset, the P45R2000-WiFi. The latest from ASRock is based off the popular Intel P45 chipset, a follow up of the P35 chipset, and allows for high speed DDR3 memory support along with two PCIE2.0 slots for your CrossFire needs. Along with the latest and greatest chipset, the board hosts a number of innovative features such as support for 1600 and 1333 FSB processors out of the box as well as hybrid DDR2 and DDR2 memory compatibility. With this board ASRock sticks with their roots of providing a safe upgrade path for consumers looking to keep some of their old hardware and adds the latest technology to the mix. The superior FSB clocking power of the P45 chipset could be just what ASRock needs to get their name on the enthusiast map.

Once again, ASRock takes the latest chipset, adds a ton of features, and sells it at a fraction of the price of competitor P45 chipset boards on the market. The board features quad core Yorkfield and dual core Wolfdale processor support out of the box without a BIOS upgrade and PCIE2.0 CrossFire support. In addition to CrossFire support, the P45R2000-WiFi allows for either DDR2 or DDR3 memory to be used. Now that DDR2 memory is dirt cheap, many users want the opportunity to use DDR2 but be able to upgrade to DDR3 in the future when the memory becomes mature and prices come down. ASRock found a niche here as with the P45R2000-WiFi, as there are very few DDR2/DDR3 P45 hybrid boards on the market.

In addition to CrossFire and hybrid memory support, the P45R2000-WiFi includes a WiFi module and software for those into LAN parties or that want their PC in a location without a LAN cable accessible. For audio enthusiasts, the board supports 7.1 channel HD Audio with Content Protection, as well as DAC with 110dB dynamic range support (ALC890B Audio Codec). The benefit to this is gaming and 2 channel sound can be run through a 7.1 channel sound system. Overall, it looks like ASRock continues to appeal to everyone with their latest board in terms of features.

ASRock provides a 3 year warranty for motherboards through Authorized Distributors which means you won't be RMAing your motherboard to a factory in Taiwan. This will save the user a lot of money in shipping, however, this also promotes "passing the buck" policies that some retailers love to promote. To put users at ease, ASRock states if you are having issues with your point of purchase, they will honor your warranty nonetheless.

This is the third ASRock review at Hardware Canucks in just a few months, and the boards are looking better and better for the enthusiast. ASRock is really trying to shed the reputation of “cheap boards for a cheap price” and move more to “feature packed boards for a cheap price”. That said, these boards are crucial for ASRock to turn the corner in terms of quality.


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