Hiper Osiris Mid-Tower Case Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     July 20, 2008

Hiper Osiris HTC-1K514 Mid-Tower Case Review

Manufacturer Product Page: HIPER - PRODUCTS - HIPERCASE - OSIRIS
Product Number:
Silver: HTC-1S514
Black: HTC-1K514
Availability: Now
Warranty: 3-Year
Price: $160 - $200 USD.

Here at Hardware Canucks we are somewhat choosey when manufacturers approach us with new computer cases they want us to review. This is mostly because there really hasn’t been much innovation in the realm of enclosures in quite some time but at least you know that when we review a new case, it will be something which looked interesting to us and therefore will probably stand out to you the reader. This is why when Hiper asked us to review their new Osiris case, we jumped at the opportunity. After taking a look at their very fist case in our Hiper Anubis Mid-Tower Case Review, we came away with an extremely positive impression even though Hiper was still a complete newcomer to the enclosure market. While the Anubis was a very good case, there were some very minor issues which could have been prevented with a little more engineering and careful study. Both reviewers and users alike submitted their impressions about the Anubis directly to Hiper and in doing so have helped make this next foray into the enclosure market that much better.

This new product we are talking about is the Osiris mid-tower case that incorporates all of the lessons Hiper learned from the Anubis plus a few other extras thrown in for good measure. Naming an enclosure after the Egyptian god of death, life and fertility may seem a bit odd but we are guessing Hiper was better off with this name rather than calling the case after Osiris’ mythical mother; Nut. Interestingly, Hiper seems content to keep naming their cases after various gods of death and the afterlife so we wouldn’t be surprised if their next product is called something like Hades or Odin… so stay tuned.

Cases are a dime a dozen these days in a crowded market where it seems like every company imaginable is vying for your attention and hard-earned dollars. Hiper has waded into this market face first and is banking on their design prowess to draw the customers towards the Osiris instead of competitors’ solutions. Like the Anubis before it, the Osiris is a mid-tower case with Hiper not willing to test the waters of the full-tower enclosure market just yet. While it should be interesting to see what they do if or when they release a full-tower case, this is what we have for now. That being said, the Anubis garnered enough of our accolades that we are excited to see what the Osiris has in store for us.

Before we progress too far into this review, there is something that we have to get off our backs and that is a mention about availability for the Osiris. Even though Hiper has stated to us quite a few times that they have had stock of this particular enclosure for some time, finding one at major etailers here in Canada is next to impossible. This is extremely unfortunate since there have been quite a few mentions of this case at the various Canadian forums we visit and for all intents and purposes, there seems to be next to no Hiper presence here. If by some act of God, you do happen to find the Osiris for sale expect retail pricing to be between $160 and $200 which makes it slightly less expensive than the Anubis. Hopefully this unfortunate situation will come to an end soon since there are plenty of people out there who want Hiper products.

All right, with that off my back let’s get this show on the road!!


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