G.Skill PI 2x2GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Review

by 3oh6     |     July 2, 2008

G.Skill PI 2x2GB PC3-12800 Review

Price: $315 @ NCIX.com
Manufacturer: G.Skill
Manufacturer's Part Number: F3-12800CL7D-4GBPI
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

With growing availability, lower prices, and more features becoming available not found on previous generation hardware; DDR3 memory is really starting to get talked about. There is more discussion than ever in enthusiast forums and DDR3 terminology has started making its way into general computer hardware stores all over the world. The steps being taken right now are those required in order to get DDR3 into the primary spot in the mainstream memory market. The simple fact that we have been reviewing DDR3 memory for months and months now confirms this gradual shift. As of late though, 2x2GB DDR3 kits seem to be all the rage with compatibility on the various chipsets being what is primarily talked about these days.

G.Skill has recognized this need for high performance 2x2GB kits of DDR3 memory and has sprinkled the pot with a PC3-12800 4GB kit with tight timings of 7-7-7. DDR3 memory frequencies have really started taking off but at much looser timings. The DDR3-1600 and 7-7-7 timing combination really is a steadfast combo that has been common for 2x1GB kits but is a little harder to find in 2GB density sticks. To top off these rather impressive specifications, G.Skill has added in a set of their new PI heat spreaders.

Our last G.Skill review left nothing for the imagination in the performance and overclocking world, breaking records and doing things with bandwidth that have not been duplicated since in the overclocking community. This 2x2GB kit of memory is obviously going to go in a different direction. We are still going to take a quick look at overclocking but we are primarily going to focus on how easy it is to get this kit running stable on the Intel X48 platform. All of the recent forum discussion and e-mails we receive here have been focused on getting 2x2GB kits of memory to simply run their specifications without issue, so we have decided to focus on that with this memory.


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