Cooler Master Shows Off Unique RGB-laden Air & Liquid CPU Coolers

by MAC     |     January 12, 2018

Cooler Master has just rolled out some new air and liquid CPU coolers that feature of variety of interesting features like heat columns, thermal detection, and a bunch of RGB LED lighting.

Starting off, we have Cooler Master's first entry into the flying saucer market, otherwise known as the MasterAir G100M:

This new low-profile CPU cooler features a custom technology that Cooler Master is calling a 'Heat Column' and has been designed to bring high performance cooling to small form factor builds.

Cooler Master says that Heat Column technology increases the direct contact surface area of the cooler and as such it is able to transfer a significant amount of heat away from the CPU in an unusually short distance. Specifically, the MasterAir G100M is only 46.3mm tall and it can dissipate 130W of heat, which is historically the realm of tall tower-style heatsinks.

If the unique shape isn't aesthetic enough for you, this cooler also features RGB LED lighting integrated into both the fan and a separate light ring, both of which can be controlled via RGB-supporting motherboards from all of the major motherboard manufacturers.

Next up we have the MasterAir MA620P and MasterAir MA621P, which are two dual tower air coolers with dual 120mm fans, six chunky 6mm heatpipes, and dimensions of 116mm 110.1mm 158.4mm.

The only difference both models is the base plate and the mounting mechanism. The MasterAir MA620P has been designed to support all modern CPU sockets with the exception of AMD's massive ThreadRipper TR4 socket. Thankfully, that is where the MasterAir MA621P comes into play since it only supports Threadripper TR4 socket.

Cooler Master has also expanded their MasterLiquid series with two new versions of existing models. These new liquid CPU coolers - the MasterLiquid ML120R RGB and ML240R RGB - are basically the existing MasterLiquid 120 and MasterLiquid 240 but with new RGB LED fans and a redesigned pump cover with RGB LED lighting built-in.

Lighting aside, the characteristics of the 4-pin PWM fans haven't changed, with speeds between 650 to 2000RPM, up to 66.7 CFM, and noise levels of between 6 to 30dBa. The 120mm and 240mm radiators are also identical as their predecessors.

Last, but certainly not least, below you can see the new MasterLiquid ML360 RGB TR4 which has been custom designed for AMD's Threadripper TR4 socket. This large liquid cooler features a 360mm radiator, triple 120mm fans, and RGB LED lighting integrated into both the aforementioned fans and the pump cover.


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