i7-2600K vs. i7-8700K - Is Upgrading Worthwhile?

Author: SKYMTL
Date: October 29, 2017
Product Name: i7 2600K / i7 8700K
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Adobe Premier Pro CC

Adobe Premier Pro CC is one of the most recognizable video editing programs on the market today as it is used by videography professionals and YouTubers alike. In this test we take elements of a 60-second 4K video file and render them out into a cohesive MP4 video via Adobe’s Media Encoder. Note that GPU acceleration is turned on.


Blender is a free-to-use 3D content creation program that also features an extremely robust rendering back-end. It boasts extremely good multi core scaling and even incorporates a good amount of GPU acceleration for various higher level tasks. In this benchmark we take a custom 1440P 3D image and render it out using the built-in tool. The results you see below list how long it took each processor to complete the test.

Unfortunately, a lot of these benchmarks will very much be a foregone conclusion. Remember, the i7-8700K has received six years of architecture evolutions, it has four more processing threads and it operates at higher frequencies than Sandy Bridge ever did. These two first tests prove that in a big way. If you are a content creator or someone who is simply looking to save some time in semi-pro tasks then Coffee Lake looks like an awesome upgrade.

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