i7-2600K vs. i7-8700K - Is Upgrading Worthwhile?

Author: SKYMTL
Date: October 29, 2017
Product Name: i7 2600K / i7 8700K
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GTX 1080 Ti Gaming Results (1080P)

By this point in the article I am sure you are wondering about what would happen if these systems were paired up with a faster graphics card. Indeed, in the last few pages it was extremely challenging to distinguish one system from the other.

But letís assume for a moment that someone who paid big bucks for an i7-2600K and GTX 680 wants an in-place upgrade that will bring them back to the forefront of modern gaming systems. In that case, a GTX 1070 wouldnít be the cream of the crop. That distinction falls to NVIDIAís GTX 1080 Ti and after seeing the results on the past pages, I just had to see if adding one would allow Coffee Lake to finally stretch its legs. That task fell to the ASUS GTX 1080 Ti STRIX OC Edition.

Letís start with the full batch of 1080P benchmarks since I donít want this article to drag on overly long. While the exact same benchmarks showed the systems neck and neck with a GTX 1070, the higher end (and MUCH more expensive) GTX 1080 Ti somewhat eliminates the GPU bottleneck. Consequently, the i7-8700K pulls out ahead in almost every single test, sometimes by massive amount.

Another interesting thing that came up was performance beyond averages. Based on 99th percentile results it looks like the Sandy Bridge system just canít deliver as consistently smooth gameplay, or at least not as smooth as Coffee Lake. This proves that you canít always rely on average framerates to determine overall performance.

With all of that being said, at 1080P the 2600K does provide very good performance when paired with the GTX 1080 Ti. But I have to ask the question: how many folks will want to spend over $600 on a graphics card upgrade and limit their new system to such a low resolution? Well thatís what the next page will address.

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