QNAP NVR-1012 Network Surveillance System Review

by AkG     |     May 29, 2008

QNAP NVR-1012 Network Surveillance System Review

Manufacture Product Page: QNAP Systems, Inc. (NVR-1012)
Model Number: NVR-1012
Availability: Now
Price: Click Here to Compare Prices
Warranty: 1 year

In the past, one would have needed a pretty big reason to invest in a surveillance system. This would have been due to the simple fact that in the past most surveillance systems were big, clumsy contraptions that required special cabling and special hardware to run properly. From a Small Office or Home Office user's point of view things were made even worse by the fact that they were not only a big hassle to install and maintain (and that they really needed trained specialists to maintain properly) but above all else they were pretty darn expensive too!

Well that was then and this is now. The market for Internet Protocol (IP) based cameras has literally exploded with the advent of cheap, readily available home networks and inexpensive yet relatively good cameras. The one problem that has plagued numerous IP camera setups is the fact that they have the interoperability skills of a psychotic maniac who puts the "laughter" back in "manslaughter". This is where QNAP enters the equation. In the past we have reviewed some pretty impressive products from QNAP and to say that we were excited to get our hands on another piece of kit from them is an understatement. As we have shown in the past, QNAP makes some extremely good equipment that is not only innovative, but easy to set up and use.

Unlike previous reviews in which we took a close look at some of their Network Attached Storage systems, today we will be looking at QNAPís latest Network Surveillance system: the NVR-1012. This is an all in one kit that not only includes two IP cameras but also a control center that melds these pieces together into a complete surveillance system. As with other QNAP products, this is a Linux-based system and is marketed towards the SOHO and home marketplace. It is readily available form various retailer and e-tailers throughout Canada and goes for a little bit less than a thousand dollars.

As mentioned, this is a SOHO and/or Home surveillance system that is designed to not only work over your home Ethernet network but do so in such a manner that it is extremely easy to set up and administer. That is a pretty tall order and it will be interesting to see if even the wizards at QNAP can work their magic and make this promise a reality. Before we are finished we hopefully will not only be able to answer any questions you may have on its ease of use but also the biggest question of them all: is this product worth a thousand of your hard earned dollars?


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