ASUS ROG GT51 Gaming Desktop Set To Battle Alienware

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     January 5, 2016

The Republic of Gamers team at ASUS is launching a high powered customizable desktop dubbed the GT51. Could this thing have what it takes to compete with the prebuilt marketís largest players?

While they may not be a household name at your local Best Buy, ASUSí gaming desktops have been around for quite some time but theyíre now being pushed towards a broader market share. The first large step towards putting a dent into a market long held by the likes of Alienware, iBuyPower and Maingear is the ROG GT51.

Many DIY system builders may thumb their noses at the thought of buying a pre-built system but for those who want a quick, easy and (hopefully) painless upgrade, these gaming desktops offer a perfect solution. However, in order to differentiate the GT51, ASUS is going to be offering a good amount of flexibility alongside features typically held in reserve for enthusiasts; namely overclocking and robust system monitoring.

The ROG GT51 certainly strikes a unique pose with sharply defined lines and an either Armor Titanium or Plasma Copper exterior finish. It isnít overly gaudy though since the customizable LED accents are kept to subtle areas and the side widow flows quite well into the caseís overall construction. Thereís even a front panel USB 3.1 Type-C port with transfer rates of up to 10Gbps and quick charge abilities.

That cyclone-style intake leads to an dedicated air tunnel that (according to ASUS) ďtakes advantage of natural convection to efficiently manage heat during marathon gaming sessions.Ē

The various configuration options havenít been made public yet but ASUS has stated the GT51 will come with an i7-6700K processor and video card options that top out at a pair of GTX TITAN X cards in SLI. Pricing hasnít been determined either.

Rounding out this systemís capabilities is the ASUS-exclusive Aegis II application which helps monitor system parameters and ROG Band, which lets users overclock the system or activate Shadow Drive, a hidden portion of the hard drive.

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