LG 34UC87C Curved Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: October 18, 2015
Product Name: 34UC87C
Part Number: 34UC87C
Warranty: 3 Years
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Disclosure: The sample in this review was provided free of charge by LG. All opinions expressed herein are solely those of HWC.

In the monitor and HDTV markets, curved screens are being pushed and pimped from all directions. To some viewers, these displays enhance the immersion factor exponentially while others feel they actually distort images. Regardless of the controversy surrounding them, curved monitors have actually become a relatively hot commodity in the PC market and LGís new 34UC87C is looking to capitalize on that popularity.

For many consumers, one standard size screen is simply not enough real-estate for maximizing efficiency or adding visibility in games and yet purchasing one mega-sized monitor is simply cost prohibitive. This is why multi monitor setups are so popular; they grant the ability to utilize several relatively large yet inexpensive screens and get the real-estate needed for a wide variety of tasks. On the flip side of that equation we have the 34UC87C, a monitor that is putting a titanic amount of real estate into play in an effort to effectively replace some multi monitor setups with a 34Ē curved display.

To keep the footprint within the realm of possibility, LG has opted for an ultra wide 21:9 form factor alongside its curvy frame. As an added benefit this allows viewers to actually sit closer to screen without having its edges blur past your peripheral vision.

While large, the LG 34UC87C does not sacrifice clarity on the altar of expediency and while it canít boast 4K capabilities it is also not your typical 1440P monitor either. Instead LG has given their latest creation a rather oddball 3440x1440 resolution which is keeping with its 21:9 aspect ratio. To visualize this, LG has taken a typical 2560x1440 panel, and added an additional 880 pixels to one end of it. While certainly an odd setup, users with dual-monitor configurations are also more than happy to implement odd resolutions so this wonít be a jump into the dark for them.

More importantly by using this 3440 pixel width LG has not only been able to keep the price fairly reasonable at $1040 while still including a fully factory calibrated IPS display. That IPS display alone will likely cause some professionals to give this product a second glance since it gives typical dual 24Ē screen users more pixels for about the same money. As an added benefit this resolution allows the LG 34UC87C to only require a single HDMI input instead of two, though DisplayPort is still the preferable interface of choice.

While LGís large monitor may cost surprisingly little (for its market niche of course) there werenít any corners cut on panel technology. While IPS has certainly come down in price for the 8-bit variety, the 34UC87C uses a 10-bit panel, virtually guaranteeing awesome color fidelity. We also canít help but mention once again that LG provides every one of these monitors with complete factory calibration and includes a certificate with all of their adjustment details.

On paper at least the LG 34UC87C certainly appears to be a logical answer to the age old problem of screen size versus price. However, this is a highly competitive segment and with a price of over $1000USD this monitor will have to be superlative to justify its existence.


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