Corsair Hydro H100i GTX & H80i GT Review

Author: AkG
Date: April 14, 2015
Product Name: H100i GTX / H80i GT
Part Number: CW-9060021-WW / CW-9060017-WW
Warranty: 5 Years
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Corsair has been launching new all in one water cooling units in waves beginning with their H110i GT, a large 280mm cooler that improved upon nearly every aspect of its predecessor. Now, the venerable H100i and H80i are up for an update via the recently introduced H100i GTX and H80i GT, both of which are supposed to offer better performance and competitive pricing in relation to their competitors.

While the H110i GT focused squarely on a CoolIT designed unit, for this review we’re going over to Asetek’s side of the fence. In order to neatly avoid the aggressively litigious tendencies of Asetek, Corsair has been using them to design any AIO that’s based off a 120mm form factor for some time now. Hence, both the 120mm H80i GT and H100i GTX represent a significant departure from their larger sibling.

As with its predecessors the H80i GT makes use of a single 120mm radiator that is unusually thick at 49mm (up from a standard 38mm) and includes two SP120L high performance fans. Unlike some other lower-end coolers in Corsair’s lineup, it is compatible with the innovative LINK software which, in this case, acts as a desktop-bound fan controller application.

Since the H80i GT is the third generation of Hydro All in One CPU cooling solutions to use the “H80” moniker, it should also come as no surprise that it also comes with a price that neatly slots in between the lower performance, lower priced H60 series and the single 140mm radiator-based H90 series. At an even $100, it is in for a dogfight since competitors like Enermax’s Liqtech 120X, NZXT’s Kraken X31 and even dual 120mm coolers like Antec’s unique Kuhler H20 1250 all retail for about the same or even less. In keeping with Hydro H80 tradition, Corsair is fully cognizant of this fact and the H80i GT's overall value and success rests squarely on its heat dissipation abilities.

The H100i GTX also is the third model to be given the 'H100' label and also comes with extremely high expectations. To meet these expectations Corsair has once again opted for a dual 120mm bay radiator that is slightly thicker than most at 30mm, two SP120L fans, extra-long tubing, the best waterblock Asetek and Corsair could create and compatibility with the LINK software.

Much like the H80i GT, the H100i GTX has been launched into a hotly contested segment. Its $120 price aligns perfectly with the likes of SilverStone’s Tundra TD02, Cooler Master’s Nepton 240M, Enermax’s Liqtech 240 and a host of other excellent 240mm AIOs.

The competition in the 120mm and 240mm water cooler market is heating up, simply because Asetek seems to be selling their designs to every conceivable company who wants to launch an All in One lineup. With that in mind, only minor yet engineering differences, fan performance and software will allow one product to distinguish itself from another. Corsair hopes their own well-respected team has been able to design a unique, appealing combination of abilities into the H80i GT and H100i GTX.


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