NVIDIA GTX 960 5-Way Roundup

Author: SKYMTL
Date: February 21, 2015
Product Name: GTX 960
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EVGA’s SSC is a usual addition to these roundups and that shouldn’t come as any surprise since these cards typically offer an awesome combination of price and overall performance. In this case, EVGA has outfitted their card with the new ACX 2.0 heatsink which comes with a pair of, double ball bearing fans (for a massively increased lifespan and less rotational resistance) with 3-phase motors and a very clean design. As with all GTX 960 cards it can also operate without its fans spinning in idle and low load scenarios due to the relative efficiency of NVIDIA’s GM204 core.

The ACX 2.0 heatsink is a relatively extensive affair with a triple 8mm heatpipe design and a low slung yet extensive aluminum fin array. There is also a secondary Memory / MOSFET cooling plate that is supposed to deliver substantially reduced temperatures for the primary components.

Alongside these features is an 8-pin power connectors alongside a BIOS switch. The switch doesn’t necessarily change clock speeds but rather incorporates one BIOS for completely silent operation until the core reaches 60°C while the other optimizes fan speeds for a balance of silent operation and low temperatures. In this review, we’ll use the so-called 0db BIOS since frequencies remained the same under both with Precision’s Temperature Target set to 80°C.

We can also see that EVGA is using what they call an SHP or Straight Heat Pipe design. This layout places the heatpipes in a lengthwise configuration and supposedly allows for quicker heat transfer from the core to the heatsink’s cooling fins.

Unlike some other cards in this roundup, EVGA has decided to eschew the use of a backplate but on such an efficient card, such additions really aren’t necessary.

The SSC’s I/O area is a relatively straightforward with a single DVI connector, three DisplayPort outputs and a single HDMI. EVGA has expanded the grilles for increased outwards airflow as well.

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