RJTech PVR1100 MPEG4 Mini Video Recorder Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     May 2, 2008

RJTech PVR1100 MPEG4 Mini Video Recorder Review

Manufacturer Product Page: RJtech - (Portable Video Recorder & Player)
Product Number: PVR1100
Availability: Now
Warranty: 1 Year
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In todayís fast-paced technology world, companies either have to innovate or they will be on the quick road to bankruptcy and eventual closure. Even if a manufacturer has a grand new scheme to lure in clients with some radically different piece of kit, they still have to target it towards the proper customer base and price it to sell in order for it to achieve widespread acceptance. The road to profitability and market exposure is paved with the tears of many a fallen company and very few of them achieve any type of success. Other companies nibble on the fringes of mainstream consumer lingo and are content with their relatively small share of the pie. These are not the Panasonics, Toshibas or Pioneers of this world but are rather the manufacturers who eke out a living catering to certain niches in the electronics world. One of these companies is RJTech and I am sure that you either fall into the category of scratching your head when that name is mentioned or you recognize them for their claims to fame: DVD players and LCD picture frames.

Within the last year or so RJTech has seen the need to expand their market presence by running with new products that do not touch upon their DVD player and LCD picture frame markets. They have realized that there is an opportunity in the rapidly expanding media recorder market and have taken to it like a fish to water. While their offerings are so far somewhat limited, the potential is there and in this review we will be looking at one of their newer personal video recorders; the PVR1100 Mini Video Recorder.

RJTech has aimed their flash media based PVR1100 at users who want both simplicity and value in a PVR so it doesnít have a built-in tuner nor may recoding options. Nonetheless, it can serve multiple purposes with the ability to play a wide variety of media types (image, video and audio) while recording in MPEG-4 format. Versatility is the name of the game here and while it doesnít record or play files in high resolution, it is geared towards either older 640x480 resolution TVs or portable media devices. While many would call this a poor-manís PVR, when it all boils down to it; that is exactly what RJTEch wants it to be. There are plenty of you who donít have high-def cable or the latest 720 / 1080 equipped TVs but you still want something to replace your aging VCR. There are others who want mobility with the option to take your favorite shows or movies with you on your media player and there are yet others who just want an all-in one player which is user friendly. For these people, RJTech has the PVR1100 which at under $100, seems to be the answer to many a prayer.

The PVR1100 seems to be a dead-simple mini PVR which comes without any bangs or whistles but if it does what it promises, it could be just right for a lot of people out there.

Disclaimer: Hardware Canucks is opposed to the duplication or distribution of copyrighted material and is not responsible for the applications customers may use this recorder for. This review is meant to show the capabilities of this player and nothing more.


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