GIGABYTE 9-Series LGA1150 Motherboards Preview

Author: MAC
Date: April 22, 2014
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A couple of days ago we had the opportunity to get an exclusive first look at a large portion of Gigabyte's upcoming Intel 9-Series LGA1150 motherboards. Although we can't share some specific details like what chipset they use, what the chipset features are, nor show any related logos, we can show you some of the most interesting North America bound models. We have to emphasize the "some" part since Gigabyte's 9-Series line-up will consist of of thirty-seven models, thirty-two of which will be released shortly.

Why so many? Well differing feature demands from the various regions around the world is one factor, but Gigabyte is also betting on the fact that since support for Windows XP finally expired on April 8, there will be an uptick in demand for motherboards as people decide to upgrade their OS and likely build new desktop computers from scratch. They see the Intel 9-Series chipsets as a particularly long-term offering due to its support for current 4th generation and upcoming 5th generation Intel Core processors.

Can you spot the differences?

Thankfully, that vast ocean of products has been divided across four motherboard series, two of which are current series that have been renamed, one of which is brand new, and lastly there is the venerable Ultra Durable line. With such a plethora of options, does one of these motherboards have your name on it? Keep reading to find out. Even if you’re not planning an upgrade in the foreseeable future, you will absolutely still want to see what unique concept Gigabyte have based on their newest series on, its really never been attempted before in the consumer hardware industry. There are products for nearly every single price point.

What follows is a quick overview of of Gigabyte's boards that will be available in the coming weeks. Hold on because there will be a lot of info thrown out in a few short pages by stay tuned later in May for our reviews for a number of these boards.

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