BenQ RL2460HT 24" Gaming Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: May 21, 2014
Product Name: RL2460HT
Part Number: RL2460-B
Warranty: 3 Years
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A Closer Look at the BenQ RL2460HT

Unlike most gaming orientated monitors, BenQ has taken a more conservative approach to the overall design of the RL2460HT. With the exception of the red line encircling the stand’s connection to its base this is an entirely matte black monitor without any design flourishes.

Underneath that simplistic exterior is 16:9, 1920x1080 TN panel that is extremely responsive given its 60Hz nature since the response time has been kept to 1ms GTG and 5ms for a screen full refresh. Unfortunately it is still a 60Hz panel (16.66ms) and as such cannot fully take advantages of the responsive nature of the electronic internals like it could if it had been 120Hz (8.3ms) or 144Hz (6.94ms) panel.

BenQ seems to have also cut some costs on backlighting since the RL2460HT uses standard LEDs rather than the newer GBr-LED or even W-LED technology. This will have an understandably negative impact upon color fidelity.

When you first look at this monitor, there won’t be an irrational urge to force feed it a sandwich. In fact words like robust quickly spring to mind instead of the typical waifish descriptors that best fit most TN based monitors. Instead of going with the usual “thin is better” approach, BenQ has decided to go with a thicker housing which enhances cooling potential for their upgraded internal components. It’s good to see a manufacturer ignoring simple mass market trends in an effort to build the best product possible for their intended market.

To help reinforce the idea of the RL2460HT being targeted towards gamers, its base has some great abilities. It offers 110mm of height adjustment, 20° of tilt (+5° to -15°), excellent swivel capabilities and also portrait mode. This is actually more than its competitors offer.

This is nearly everything you could want in a gaming orientated monitor's stand, but like most modern monitors consumers will have to take care in transition to and from portrait mode. As with many similar designs, this panel will scrape along its bottom right corner unless you first tilt it all the way back and raise it to full height extension before trying to change orientation.

Another interesting addition is the measurements alongside the adjustment arm. We’re not quite sure why someone would need these on a regular basis but they’re quite handy for resetting heights in those rare instances when you need to remember where the optimal height was.

While we may welcome a throwback design it’s not that easy to overlook the massive 1” bezel thickness. It’s simply massive and seems to be more at home on a monitor out of 2006 rather than one that has been created in a time when multi screen configurations are common.

The last thing most gamers want is ambient reflections negatively impacting their reaction times so BenQ added an aggressive anti-glare is a matte coating. This does an admirable job at reducing iterant light reflections and even in brightly lit rooms the impact reflections have on image clarity is minor. Unfortunately, this coating is very noticeable and is best described as a 'light frosting' which greatly impacts image clarity. Compared to modern anti-glare coatings the RL2460HT seems to be a touch dated.

BenQ’s use of actual physical buttons instead of touch based capacitive sensors is a revelation which bucks the current trend of putting misplaced design etiquette before functionality. These buttons simply respond better and have a very well-balanced tactile feel.

In the input category, the RL2460HTprovides one dual-link DVI, two HDMIs, and even one analog D-Sub port but lacks DisplayPort connectivity. As an added benefit it also comes with 3.5mm in / out audio jacks for pass-through purposes.

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