Corsair Hydro H75 & H105 CPU Coolers Review

Author: AkG
Date: March 23, 2014
Product Name: H105 / H75
Part Number: CW-9060016-WW / CW-9060015-WW
Warranty: 5 Years
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It may not seem like it, but it has now been over a year since Corsair released their cutting edge H80i and H100i All In One CPU water coolers. Now it’s time for an update as the Hydro H75 and H105 are being rolled out.

In many ways the H80i and H100i are still considered among the best solutions available in their respective categories so some may be wondering why they’re being phased out. The answer to tthat is simple: competition breeds innovation. Despite combining a straightforward installation process, user friendly software and excellent -for their class - cooling potential, other companies homed in on the 120mm form factor. Now that market has become exceedingly crowded with everyone from Cooler Master to Silverstone to Antec releasing their own unique designs which typically surpass H80i and H100i in both performance and ease of use.

With such hungry competition methodically eating away at their foothold on the market, it comes as no surprise to see Corsair once again turning their attention back to single and dual 120mm designs. To do this, they are once again looking towards Asetek as their OEM of choice for the H75 and H105. This means we will see many things in common with the H55, H90 and H110. Unfortunately, since Asetek is being used here, these new units lack the “I” suffix which denotes compatibility with Corsair’s LINK application. This means the H75 and H105 will have to rely upon motherboard-based inputs for fan speed control rather than using a convenient Windows centric hub-based design.

On the positive side both of these new models do use Asetek's latest waterblock and ceramic bearing pump design. The latest trend in the AIO marketplace has really focused on the pump noise versus performance aspects and this new low profile pump promises to boost efficiency while also offering a reduced acoustical profile. It’s really the best of both worlds.
On the fan side of the equation the H75 and H105 come equipped Corsair branded fans but they are not as radically different as previous implementations would lead you to believe. As with the H60 2.0, the H75 comes equipped with the 2000RPM low noise variant of Corsair's SP120 fan series but unlike its lower end sibling it is equipped with two fans. Meanwhile the H105’s units are the same 2700RPM high performance variation found on the H100i.

Corsair may have opted to boost performance of the H75 via the increased airflow dual fans provide but the the H105 makes due without a push/pull configuration. It makes up for this slight handicap by using a thicker '38mm' dual bay radiator instead of the usual '27mm' design that the H100i comes equipped with.

These highly specific refinements and improvements are what Corsair is counting on to allow the $85 H75 and $119 H105 to better compete in two very cluttered segments.


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