InWin 904 Case Review

Author: Dmitry
Date: January 21, 2014
Product Name: 940
Part Number: 940
Warranty: 1 Year
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InWin’s new 904 may not be one of the most eagerly anticipated cases to be released in the last few months but it is certainly one of the most unique. After years of making generic “gaming” cases that never really stood out, InWin has been on a roll as of late with a string of new cases that may not be directly targeted towards gamers but are nonetheless bound to shake up the enclosure market.

The 904 is actually one of the highest priced ATX-sized cases we’ve reviewed here at Hardware Canucks but unlike some brands where you pay for the name, there’s actually a good reason for its premium. InWin hasn’t held back in the construction department here, they’ve decked out this case with 2mm and 4mm thick aluminum panels alongside a tempered glass window. Yes, that’s right, plexi is far too low end for the 904 so the decision was made to go with tempered glass.

Naturally, the 904’s price goes hand in hand with its extreme level of quality. At $280 it costs more than most full tower cases but when you see this thing, it truly looks like a work of art that makes all other cases seem like cobbled-together afterthoughts.

From its seamless joints to the black tempered glass side window’s rubberized grommets, InWin has obviously come a long way since their plastic enclosure days. The 904 is nothing short of stunning. There’s a continual brushed aluminum front panel, that vast expanse of glass, an interesting cable management system around back and one of the more interesting “front panel” layouts we’ve come across. But how does such a unique exterior design impact the all important aspect of interior management?

From an interior perspective, the 904 has plenty of space for large graphics cards but water cooling options are severely limited, cable routing areas are almost non-existent and there are some missteps in the realm of overall functionality. As usual there are SSD brackets, tool-less drive caddies and a long list of other features which make component installation easy.

While it may lack some of the functionality found in other cases, there’s no denying InWin hit the nail on the head for anyone who wants a unique, great looking enclosure.

Check out our video above for our full review.

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