Antec Kuhler H20 1250 CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: January 19, 2014
Product Name: H20 Kuhler 1250
Warranty: 3 Years
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With competition in the sealed All In One market at an all-time high, even firmly entrenched companies like Antec are starting to feel the heat. Consumers now demand more and the days of small improvements to water blocks being enough to justify an entirely new model (and price tag) are gone. Unlike when the original Kuhler was released, consumers now have more options than ever and with Cooler Master, NZXT and even SilverStone offering unique designs, Antec needed to do something different. The all-new $119 Kuhler 1250 is just that; it represents a radical departure from the competition

In comparison to its immediate competition Antec has offered an enticing feature set which are unique to the new redesigned Kuhler line. On paper, these differences arenít readily apparent since just like tits competitors the Kuhler 1250 consists of a 240x120mm radiator, advanced water block, two stock fans, advanced tubing and an integrated water pump. However even just a quick glance shows that Antec has combined these components in an entirely new way. Instead of opting for the typical combination water block and pump, Antec has taken a cue from CoolITís early designs and moved the pump off the water block.

Unlike previous designs, which used a single standalone pump, Antec has combined the fan motor and water pump motor into a single unit. This allows the Kuhler series to effortlessly scale up pump performance along with radiator cooling abilities. As water cooling enthusiasts know all too well: the faster the water can move over the water block and through the radiator the more effective the loop can be at cooling the CPU.

Even with these new features Antec has kept things competitive and the Kuhler 1250ís online asking price of $119 is quite comparable to Corsair, SilverStone and a host of other companies who offer dual bay designs. Add in improved GRID software for controlling noise and temperatures and Antec may have found a way to ensure their Kuhler line stays relevant and on top of the changing marketplace.


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