Rosewill Throne Full Tower Case Review

Author: Dmitry
Date: September 11, 2013
Product Name: Throne
Part Number: THRONE-BB
Warranty: 1 Year
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Rosewill’s Throne series represents yet another entry into what is becoming an extreme crowded full tower market. With competitors well priced competitors like NZXT’s new Phantom H630 and Corsair’s always-popular Obsidian series, one has to wonder what the Throne could possibly bring to the table that would sway buyers’ votes in its direction. Rosewill likes to believe their unique design and low price will accomplish this task but we’ve seen this approach before and more often than not, the resulting case either alienates gamers with an outlandish approach or skimps on build quality.

Luckily, the Throne’s main claim to fame isn’t a crazy design, nor did Rosewill go completely off the beaten track in terms of layout or features. In an effort to make a large, spacious case as accessible to entry level gamers as possible, price is supposedly the focus this time around but once again, competition abounds. At $160, the Throne is more expensive than NZXT’s Phantom 530 and H630, Fractal’s Define XL R2, Cooler Master’s Storm Stryker / Trooper series, BitFenix’s Shinobi XL and countless other full tower cases.

So with price out of the equation, what actually makes the Throne unique? It offers an absolute ton of interior space, features a crazy number of airflow options and, for all you storage enthusiasts out there, there’s a ton of hard drive and SSD mounting areas. The real question is whether these features will end up justifying the Throne’s premium over some of the best cases around.

At first glance Rosewill’s Throne looks a bit like the early NZXT Phantoms with just the right amount of extra bits thrown in to ensure a touch of differentiation. Indeed, like the Phantom, this design certainly won’t be appealing to everyone due to the stylized front fascia, angular lines, upper intake fins and a slightly odd pointed roofline. The whole setup does look quite clean with just the right amount of aggressiveness but gamers who prefer a slightly more utilitarian look will likely shy away.

Hidden within this straightforward styling approach is a swing-mounted front cover door for the front drive bays and a large side-mounted mesh area that houses a pre-installed 230mm fan. Rosewill has also continued an odd trend of putting their external USB and audio ports , thus preserving the Throne’s clean lines but making them infinitely harder to access on such a tall case. If you have the Throne under a desk, don’t expect to easily plug or unplug USB thumb drives.

Some may be worried about construction quality on a case like this and with good reason. While Rosewill’s products are known for their adhesion to relatively good standards, this is a massive enclosure at a pretty low price so corners had to be cut somewhere. Indeed, there’s some flimsy material used on some areas of the Throne but for the most part, it is actually a pretty well-built case.

As we’ve been alluding to from the start, the Throne’s interior is one of the most spacious we’ve come across which isn’t a huge surprise considering the case’s height of nearly two feet. As with most products in the category, Rosewill has added a number of strategically placed notches and grommets to aide in cable management. The ten (!) hard drive caddies will be a welcome sight for anyone looking to install a massive RAID array, though their cage isn’t removable, nor is it as modular as the ones found on several competitors.

Other than the gobs of interior space, Rosewill includes a ton of pre-installed fans in an effort to offer the best possible cooling experience. In total, there are five 140mm fans alongside that single 230mm unit we mentioned earlier. This translates into good water cooling potential as well since most of the mounts will also accept 120mm offsets which is perfect for standard 240mm radiators.

There’s plenty more to discuss about this case and we cover it in full, within the video review above.

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