NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB Review

Author: SKYMTL
Date: June 24, 2013
Product Name: GTX 760
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NVIDIA’s quick and efficient GTX 700-series rollout has loaded the enthusiast market with high performance graphics cards, every one of which has carved out its own value-focused niche. Like its predecessors, the GTX 760, bucks the status quo by outperforming similarly priced solutions and replacing the well-respected GTX 660 Ti. That should make it a major bright spot for anyone who can’t justify the GTX 770’s cost.

On paper it really doesn’t look like the GTX 760 will amount to much. However, NVIDIA’s has massaged their GK104 core in such a way that a layout with fewer cores than the GTX 660 Ti can go toe to toe against a GTX 670. This is particularly impressive since at $250, it represents an affordable solution which can provide some surprisingly robust performance at 1920 x 1080. The extra 256-bit memory interface also help push framerates upwards in certain bandwidth-limited, higher resolution situations where the GTX 660 Ti tended to struggle a bit. With that being said, the GTX 760 can really stretch its legs at 1080P, this segment’s most-used resolution.

AMD has been quite aggressive with the pricing and game bundles attached to their HD 7950 Boost but we’re not convinced this will help sway gamers’ opinions in their favor. The GTX 760 is some $30 less expensive and virtually ties its overall performance but many gamers already have many of the titles AMD is offering. That may change in the not too distant future but for the time being, some of the games just aren’t that interesting anymore. NVIDIA’s newest card also has an edge in the performance per watt category, though not by a significant or meaningful amount.

The GTX 760's random choppy frametime performance in Hitman and Metro Last Light is cause for some concern but for the time being we'll withhold any assumptions until further testing can be conducted. Plus, since the so-called "spikes" only happen at widely spaced intervals, they don't overly impact the complete gameplay experience.

The most intriguing part of this launch is how NVIDIA is once again allowing their board partners to dictate their launch-day designs. In the past this has led to some impressive products becoming available for a minor premium over the suggested retail price. From all indications, Gigabyte, ASUS, EVGA and others will have custom cooled, overclocked versions available for a mere $259, providing an intriguing twist for this launch.

For all of its positive points, many will mistakenly look at the GTX 760 as an upgrade for a similarly-priced 600-series card. That would be a misplaced expectation. NVIDIA intends this to be a possible step-up for anyone using a GTX 560 Ti or older mid-priced card and in that respect it fits the bill perfectly by outperforming the GTX 580 by a significant amount.

The GTX 760 is an important product for NVIDIA’s 2013 lineup since it targets the so called “gamer’s sweet spot” price point. It will also cause gamers to reassess their expectations of what a $249 graphics card should be able to accomplish. In short, the GTX 760 brings high resolution, affordable gaming to the masses and by doing so, becomes one of this year’s best graphics cards.


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