Dell UltraSharp U2713H 27” AH-IPS Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: April 11, 2013
Product Name: UltraSharp U2713H
Part Number: U2713H
Warranty: 3 Years Premier Panel + Advanced Exchange
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Dell’s new 27” U2713H is the Ultrasharp monitor many have been waiting for. It uses a high quality 2560x1440 AH-IPS panel and incorporates all of the latest technologies in order to ensure accurate color reproduction and professional-grade image quality. More importantly, Dell has implemented a number of features that should allow their latest creation to feel right at home in professional and gaming environments alike.

In order to place the U2713H, you need to understand how Dell has been gradually evolving their high end Ultrasharp lineup. The initial “gold standard” of the 27” monitor market was the U2711, a monitor which has been hanging tenaciously on since early 2010. In the world of lightning quick product cycles, three years between refreshes may seem like a lot but it is actually a testament to the U2711’s lasting appeal.

Now, some may argue that the UltraSharp U2713HM could have been considered the spiritual successor to the legendary U2711 but Dell never intended it to fill those large shoes. We actually experienced this firsthand within our review. With that being said, the U2713H will be taking over the status as a 27” flagship monitor.

Compared to the older U2711, the new U2713H has a significant advantage in both color consistency, color range and all round responsiveness. The new Anti-Glare coating is simply icing on the cake and cements this new monitor’s status as a true step above the previous generation.

The U2713H differs from its sibling, the U2713HM in a number of key areas. While screen size and resolution are identical, that’s where the similarities stop. In Dell nomenclature a model ending in ‘M’ indicates a more budget orientated version with a mere 16+ million color range while the U2713H is capable of over 1 billion colors. The next generation AH-IPS panel also grants the non-M model a quicker response time of 6ms versus 8ms. Discerning gamers should be able to pick up this differences since it will all but eliminate ghosting.

Naming convention aside, these two monitors are as different as two 27” 1440p monitors can be. The U2713H is a drool worthy 10-bit, ultra wide color gamut “PremierColor” monitor which has its sights set on the professional market. On the other side of the coin, the U2713HM is a mainstream orientated model which can offer vast real-estate to consumers who are primarily concerned with value. Both of these monitors do cover off the majority of the 27” buying public nicely but the newer model has clearly superior hardware specifications and this ability increase is reflected a stratospheric MSRP of $999.

While value may not be part of the U2713H’s lexicon, it nonetheless represents the pinnacle of modern panel design. But will it’s $300 premium really make a difference when compared directly against the less expensive U2713HM? Both may be directed towards different markets but there will certain be some overlap which will be of particular interest to some users who may not want to justify spending so much more on what may look like a similar monitor.


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