Corsair Hydro H90 & H110 CPU Coolers Review

Author: AkG
Date: March 5, 2013
Product Name: H90 & H110
Part Number: CW-9060014-WW & CW-9060013-WW
Warranty: 5 Years
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With the closed loop liquid cooling market heating up with new competitors, Corsair has found their Hydro series beset from nearly every angle. Many of these coolers attach themselves to either the standard 120mm or 2x 120mm form factors in order to maximize compatibility and call it a day. However there are a few which buck this trend and Corsairís H90 and H110 are two of the latest to do exactly that.

Very recently we had the opportunity to review both the NZXT Kraken X40 and X60 All In One units and walked away very impressed with both. They paired a high efficiency waterblock to large 140mm or 2x 140mm form factor radiators, included good fans and then sealed the deal with decent fan profile tweaking software. Essentially, the H90 and H110 are Corsairís answer to these new competitors.

On paper both the H90 and H110 share a lot in common with NZXTís Krakens and appear to be designed solely to contest the Krakenís position at the top of their perspective single and dual bay AIO classes. Much like the Kraken X40, the Corsair H90 is based on a 140mm single bay design, whereas the H110 is a dual 140mm unit. Also like their Kraken counterparts the H90 comes with a single high performance 140mm fan and the H110 comes equipped with dual 140mm fans. However, this is where the similarities end.

Unlike the H80i and H100i, neither of these new Hydro coolers come with software monitoring and control abilities. This certainly will put both at a distinct disadvantage compared to the software-enabled X40 and X60. However, with a low noise stock fan this potential issue may not translate into a deal breaker.

In either case, with prices of $99.99 and $129.99 respectively, Corsair hopes their unique blend of performance and price will make these new units not only excellent additions to the Hydro line, but also great competition for the likes of up and comers such as NZXT.


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