Fractal Design Arc Mini Review

Author: Dimitry
Date: February 6, 2013
Product Name: Arc Mini
Part Number: FD-CA-ARC-MINI-BL
Warranty: 2 Years
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Fractal Designís lineup of cases runs the gamut from the large to miniscule and their Arc Mini strides within the space between these two extremes. Retailing for just $105, this enclosure combines a compact stature with high quality construction and an attention to detail that puts other manufacturers to shame.

For some, a price of over $100 for a case thatís only compatible with Micro ATX (and smaller) motherboards may seem to be a bit steep but the Arc Mini isnít trying to be a budget-focused case. Instead of cutting corners, it puts emphasis on ease of use, adaptability and maximizing interior space. Now, this may sound like every other enclosure on the market, but Fractal Design goes about things to the beat of a different drummer.

For anyone that likes a simplistic approach to case design, the Arc is as minimalist as they come. Its all-metal exterior is anodized black and the only slightly embellishments are the perforated fan grille and the side panel opening for an additional cooling fan. It looks great, is built to exceedingly high standards and certainly does its best to blend in.

The Arc Mini may only be compatible with Micro ATX motherboards but thereís still plenty of interior space. 11.5Ē graphics cards donít have any issue fitting in front of the hard drive cages. Meanwhile, thereís still some space for a water cooling radiator in the area above the motherboard, though the fit may be a bit tight.

Ease of installation was first and foremost in Fractalís mind when designing the Mini and thereís plenty of interior space. The HDD cages are removable and fully rotatable while cable routing options are built into nearly every conceivable corner.

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