Cooler Master Seidon 240M CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: February 26, 2013
Product Name: Seidon 240M
Part Number: RL-S24M-24PK-R1
Warranty: 2 Years
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Sealed all in one units like Corsair’s Hydro series and NZXT’s Kraken can be considered a highly refined bridge solution between the temperatures offered by custom water cooling loops and the plug and play simplicity of air based solutions. Due to the integration of high performance cooling potential alongside low noise profiles and relatively inexpensive pricing, they’re also quite popular. Naturally, this has led to a large number of manufacturers jumping onto the bandwagon and Cooler Master is simply one of the latest with their new Seidon series.

While the likes of Corsair, Thermaltake and the now-merged CoolIT have hogged the majority of headlines, Cooler Master was actually one of the first to introduce closed loop liquid cooling to the world. All the way back in 2004 their Aquagate Mini R80 was considered groundbreaking and certainly well ahead of its time but it also came at a steep cost relative to the design’s actual capabilities. Since then Cooler Master has been fairly quiet on the water cooling side of things and rather have spent most of their efforts on air-based heatsinks like their ultra-popular V6 GT and Hyper 212 PLUS. That mentality is in the process of changing.

With their release of the Seidon series of All in One cooling devices Cooler Master has once again turned their engineering prowess back to this all important marketplace. Their high performance model is the Seidon 240M, a large scale unit which is supposed to compete against Corsair’s H100 and H100i while retailing for substantially less. That may be a tall order but its specifications do point towards excellent cooling potential.

In comparison to its immediate competition, the Seidon 240M offers up an enticing set of features like a 27mm thick radiator and support for up to four fans. It has the quickest-running fans of the bunch as well. However, in some areas, the Seidon is slightly behind the latest offerings from Corsair and NZXT. For example, Cooler Master saved some money by choosing to forego a USB-based fan controllers, its tubing remains at the standard 3/8” OD and the warranty is only 2 years or roughly 3 years less than what Corsair includes.

Within sea of CoolIT and Asetek designs, Cooler Master is banking on their proprietary in-house design to help distinguish their 240M model from that of the competition as well. Considering the number of years’ experience at their disposal, and the dual radiator design, we have very few concerns about performance.

With a reasonable asking price of 99.99 – or $10 less than a Corsair H80i or $20 less than a H100i – the Seidon 240M is sure to gain traction among those who put value first and foremost. However performance and price are only two of the three key areas required in this high competitive AIO marketplace. The other area is ease of use and in our eyes, this could potentially make or break Cooler Master’s flagship cooler.


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