Corsair H80i & H100i Review

Author: AkG
Date: January 29, 2013
Product Name: H80i & H100i
Part Number: CW-9060009-WW / CW-9060008-WW
Warranty: 5 Years
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All in one water coolers have rapidly been gaining popularity due to a number of factors. They are supposed to offer ease of installation coupled with cooling performance that should easily overcome air-based solutions. Unfortunately, that combination has rarely happened but Corsair's Hydro series have continually led the market from nearly every angle.

Very recently we witnessed first hand the performance enhancements Corsair's latest generation H60 brought to the table. The H60 2.0 was not only able to offer better cooling performance than previous iterations, but also had a straightforward installation procedure. However, the lack of fine grain control over the excellent stock fan coupled with the realities of relying upon a single height, standard thickness radiator did leave us wanting even more in the performance department.

Fortunately, the second generation H60 is not the only Corsair Hydro AiO to get a much needed upgrade. Along with the H55 and H60 2.0, Corsair has also released the new H80i and H100i models.

Just as the H60 can be considered the more economical, mid-grade solution, the H80i and H100i are Corsair’s higher end, enthusiast-orientated single and dual radiator Hydro models. These are truly “second generation” designs which are supposed to improve upon their predecessors in every way imaginable.

Both of these new models also boast an upgraded water block, enhanced tubing and come standard with a pair of the impressive SP120L fans. All of this leaves very little doubt about the true potential of these two models.

These enhancements are not the only new features Corsair is bringing to the table. As the ‘i’ moniker suggests, both the H80i and H100i also include an integrated Corsair LINK 2 controller. Unlike the original H80 and H100, this hardware and software suite has been built right into the waterblock/reservoir. It allows users to easily customize the fan speed / noise profile of each model. In addition, modifications have been made to everything from the radiator, to the pump to the tubing used, resulting in a brand new design.

Considering the H80i and H100i are very much considered Corsair's flagship products in both the single and dual 120mm markets, they're priced accordingly. At $109 and $119 respectively before rebates, these are some of the most expensive AiOs available.


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