Corsair Hydro H60 & H55 Review

Author: AkG
Date: December 5, 2012
Product Name: Hydro H60 / Hydro H55
Part Number: CW-9060010-WW / CW-9060007-WW
Warranty: 5 Years
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A Closer Look at the Corsair H55

As usual, Corsairís box is bound to get attention on a retailerís shelves while being festooned with all the information a first-time user could possibly need.

Opening up the box and peaking inside, it is obvious the internal protection scheme is identical to the H70, H80 and H100. Gone is the plastic clamshell container of the H50 and in its stead is a sturdy cardboard protection scheme with a foam topper layer.

When it comes to accessories, the H55 continues to impress. The original H50 basically received Intel mounting equipment but AMD users had to purchase separate ďaccessoriesĒ to mount the cooler into their systems. This approach never sits right with us and luckily, Corsair has done an about-face. The H55 includes all of the components required for quick and easy mounting on both AMD and Intel socket motherboards.

In addition to the inclusion of multiple mounting options, Corsair has also revised their top retention bracket design. Instead of using a somewhat flimsy plastic ring that tended to flex under pressure, the H55 uses the same high strength piece of metal first seen on the H70.

The H55 is still a single bay 120mm unit which should come as no surprise since this design facilitates compatibility with a wider range of enclosures. Much like the H50, it consists of four main parts: the radiator, the water block/pump combination block, the tubing which connects the two together and the fans. Mounting is relatively easy as well since it is compatible with any 120mm fan port, provided the radiator is placed close enough to the water block.

Taking a close look at the radiator we can see that unlike the H50ís design which utilized a dozen parallel tubes, the H55 uses only 11 slightly thicker tubes to carry the coolant through the fins. We assume this reduction was done to help keep flow restrictions to a minimum.

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