Dell S2740L 27” IPS Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: December 3, 2012
Product Name: S2740L
Part Number: S2740L
Warranty: 1 Year
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A Closer Look at the Dell S2740L

With its razor sharp lines, classic but avant-garde piano black finish, full edge to edge glass fascia and a panel profile that’s thinner than most people’s index finger, the Dell S2740L is built to impress the ‘fashionista’ in all of us. It is truly meant to be a functional conversation piece and one that is sure to garner numerous double takes from even the most jaded of consumers. The design makes nearly every other competing solution look bulky and quite bland by comparison. Simply put, the S2740L is beautiful.

Unfortunately, this ultra thin design does come with some rather significant tradeoffs. The most obvious is the removal of physical buttons in favor of a touch sensitive interface. This in and of itself is not necessarily a negative point the capacitive buttons do tend to present a major hurdle when trying to properly configure OSD settings.

While the downright waifish dimension of this IPS monitor is very impressive, the number of input options had to be minimized order to retain a compact layout. There is one analog “VGA” port, one DVI input, one HDMI connector and a pair of USB 2.0 ports. Between the three main input options most consumers’ needs should be adequately satisfied, but we do wish that a DisplayPort had also been included for those that want to do away with the clunky DVI connection. USB 3.0 compatibility would have been a great addition for a new monitor series as well.

The slim design has necessitated the use of a bulky external power brick which certainly isn’t an optimal solution but as we said: some sacrifices were made on the road to great looks.

The silver and glossy black base certainly provides a perfect contrast against the monitor itself, but it falls short in several key areas. Dell’s Ultrasharp lineup boasts some of the best, most adaptable stands around but their elements haven’t been carried over onto the S2740L. Dell has severely limited their new monitor’s capabilities by removing swivel and cutting out height adjustment altogether. Luckily, the panel can be tilted from +4° to -21°.

The reason for the unique looks is due in large part to the full pane of glass covering its front which allows for a clean distinctive and stylish look. Unfortunately, this design feature also carries some baggage along for the ride: reflections. In a well-lit environment the mirror-like glass can cause significant amounts of eyestrain and will likely lead to distractions as well if you don’t sit perfectly still. Having a surface covered in glass does cut down on the number of environments suitable for the S2740L but Dell does offer many other alternatives if a glossy screen isn’t to your liking.

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