GTX 660 Ti Roundup (ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, Galaxy, MSI)

Author: SKYMTL
Date: August 30, 2012
Product Name: GTX 660 Ti 2GB
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Galaxy GTX 660 Ti GC

Product Number: 66NPH7DV6VXZ
Warranty: 2 Years (3 years upon registration)

Galaxy has been hell bent on making a name for themselves in the North American market and if past experiences are any indication; they’re well on their way to achieving success. Their new GTX 660 Ti GC comes with a comprehensive 2 year warranty which is upgraded to three years once the card is registered. In addition, Galaxy has really stepped it up in the customer service department with USA-based phone help and an online forum presence that helps augment an already robust support structure.

The GTX 660 Ti GC uses a unique angled heatsink shroud to mask a large internal fin array and a quartet of nickel plated heatpipes. There is also a pair of quiet 80mm fans to feed this heatsink with an optimal amount of airflow. The GC is about 10” long, making this is also one of the shorter cards in this roundup even though it incorporates an expanded PCB which houses an advanced 5+2 PWM design.

Galaxy has decked this card out with a custom blue PCB that has an interesting layout and dual BIOS chips. Like on some motherboards, the primary BIOS on this card is writable and can be flashed with the version of your choice while the secondary chip acts as a backup. It will only be engaged automatically when the card detects a corrupted primary BIOS and will immediately flash itself over to return the GC to its factory state.

We can also see that Galaxy implemented a number of small cutouts through the PCB. Supposedly, these allow for additional ventilation around the MOSFETs, resulting in lower temperatures better efficiency and higher overclocking potential.

In order to ensure optimal power flow to the GTX 660 Ti GC under all circumstances, Galaxy has used a 6+8 pin power connector layout. While this has changed from the reference design, the backplate connectors have remained the same with dual DVI outputs and connectors for HDMI and DisplayPort. However, the ventilation strips have been substantially expanded which guarantees that at least some hot air is exhausted outside of your case

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