Thermalright IFX-10 Motherboard Backside Cooler Review

by AkG     |     April 18, 2008

Thermalright IFX-10 Motherboard Backside Cooler Review

Manufacturer Product Page: Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions! USA
Product Number: IFX-10
Availability: Now
Price: Check here to compare prices
Warranty Length: 1 Year

It seems that finally after all these years the CPU cooling manufacturers are finally catching on to an idea which the video card makers have known for a while: hot running processors create heat on both sides of the chip. For numerous years now both ATI and NVIDA (and their various partners) have been making video cards that have major heatsinks on both sides of the card. Yes most heat is going to be sucked out via the top of the chip, but every extra degree that you can suck from the bottom of the chip is one degree cooler that that processor is going to run. In this day and age even one degree can make the difference between a successful overclock and one that just heats up the chip too much.

To say that the name Thermalright is synonymous with high quality and highly reputably products would be an understatement. In the past we have reviewed numerous products from Thermalright including their HR11 GPU backside cooler which we found to be a great idea that really did work. Heck we even use (at the time of this review) their Ultima 90 as our CPU cooler benchmark; so stating their credentials is a little bit counter-indicated to say the least! Let us just say they have a very good reputation and leave it at that.

Today we will be looking at another of their innovative ideas, namely the InfernoFx-10 motherboard backside cooler. The IFX-10 (as it is commonly known) is designed to suck heat away from the bottom of your hot running CPU. Since it fits on the back of the motherboard it should easily fit the majority (if not all) 775 Intel motherboards on the market today and with its custom mounting system should also work with the majority of CPU cooling solutions available.

The IFX-10 backside cooler is readily available from many e-tailers and retailers and goes for about $30. The biggest question one has to ask is if this is a good value or not. Of course only you can decide what is a good value to you, but hopefully by the end of this review we will be able to give you the knowledge and tools to make this decision a little bit easier. Without further ado here is our review of the IFX-10.


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