Intel 910 Series 800GB PCI-E SSD Review

Author: AkG
Date: July 18, 2012
Product Name: 910 800GB
Part Number: SSDPEDPX800G301
Warranty: 5 Years
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Intel 910 and CPU Utilization

Since the Intel 910 uses what is effectively a software RAID solution, higher CPU utilization is to be expected and we’ve seen plenty of similar solutions fall into this hole. While OCZ’s mass-market focused RevoDrives can get away with somewhat high CPU needs, any enterprise-oriented solution needs to keep overhead to a minimum in order to be remotely feasible for datacenter integration.

To obtain an accurate picture of exactly how much CPU horsepower this device truly requires we have configured the Intel 910 800GB device as a secondary “D” data drive and let the system idle for a few minutes. Once we aare satisfied an idle state has truly been reached, we used Windows’ built in Performance Monitor to see exactly how much processing power is being dedicated towards the storage solution. For comparison’s sake we have also included the results from the original RevoDrive 120GB, the RevoDrive3 x2 and finally with the system running a standard SATA 6GB/s Solid State drive as the “D” drive. Lastly we run Crystal DiskMark while monitoring CPU utilization.

Numbers this low are a testament to precisely how powerful the Intel 910 truly is. While RAID 0 has lower CPU overhead than most other RAID levels, this is the most typical configuration for such a device.

When compared against similar solutions, Intel’s device needs substantially less CPU overhead and you certainly don’t have to be worried about your server outputting excess heat and consuming more power just to provide processing for the 910. The only additional power and heat from using this storage solution will be from the Intel 910 itself which is something very few other devices of this caliber can offer.

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