Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

Author: AkG
Date: September 16, 2012
Product Name: Vengeance 2000
Part Number: CA-9011115-NA
Warranty: 2 years
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A Closer Look at the Vengeance 2000

Its colors may have become more fanciful and aggressive, but the Vengeance 2000ís box is very similar in appearance, layout, and features to previous Vengeance headset packaging. As with the existing models, this box has a small plastic window on the front to allow a glimpse of the headset secured within.

The boxís rearmost sections are dedicated to informing potential buyers as to exactly what they'll be getting. Unlike the previous models, there is a secondary window that shows off the included USB 2.0 wireless transceiver. This too helps ensure that you know exactly what differentiates this headset from the less expensive Vengeance 1500 and 1300.

The Vengeance 2000 headset is based on a proven design: an adjustable microphone and large 50mm stereo drivers in a comfortable closed-headset configuration. However, several features have been added to accommodate the deviceís wireless functionality. The most notable of these is the difficult-to-replace integrated batteries.

Based on experience with other wireless headsets, itís the batteriesí weight that causes a headset to become heavy and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. But the moment we placed this headset on our head, one of our main concerns over its wireless design was alleviated: the difference in weight between the Vengeance 1500 and new 2000 is negligible so it should be no more fatiguing to wear for long periods than its sibling.

This feat of lightweight engineering is made possible by the use of small, high-density batteries and a few minor tweaks to the materials used in constructing the headsetónamely, the removal of metal cladding found in the Vengeance 1500ís adjustable arms. Those metal coverings have been replaced with shiny metallic plastic. We were never overly impressed by the 1500ís metal fascias and found them to be unnecessary additions to an otherwise very clean and practical design.

The Vengeance 2000ís industrial design reminds us of both the 1500 and 1300. In fact, it takes the best of both styles to create a unique yet practical design thatís all its own. The overall form factor is identical across all three models, with a large padded adjustable headband attaching both ear cups, which are large enough for our ears to tuckóbarelyóinside.

Also carried over from the previous models is the adjustable, unidirectional, noise-cancelling-condenser boom mic. The Vengeance 2000ís hinge configuration has been widened and improved, with the ear-cup portion made from matte black plastic and the headband from silver plastic. This gives it an aesthetically pleasing two-tone appearance. Corsair deserves credit for making it both flexible and lightweight but not fragile.

The ear cups themselves are large and nicely padded, and we were pleased to see that Corsair opted for the soft cloth covering found on the 1500 and not the fake leather of the 1300 model.

The top headband is wide, deep, and well padded. Thereís a combination of soft, large ear cups and thickly padded headband, along with the negligible increase in overall weight, making this easily one of the most comfortable wireless headsets we have ever used.

As with the Vengeance 1500, there is an integrated volume controller located on the left ear cup. Sadly, this function is still software- rather than hardware-based. On the positive side, it is integrated directly into the side of the left ear cup, and itís both easy to access and unlikely to be bumped accidentally. The left ear also houses the on/off button as well as the necessary mini-USB charging port. While the integrated batteries are being charged, you can continue to use the Vengeance 2000 headset, but charging time will be increased.

To allow for the best possible reception, Corsair not only includes a large, dual-internal-antenna-equipped USB transceiver but also a stand equipped with a long wire. By plugging this wired adapter into your computer and then the transceiver into it, you can fine-tune the reception of the wireless signal and increase the distance between the Vengeance 2000 and your computer by a about three feet.

The headset also comes equipped with dual integrated antennas, ensuring you can use the microphone and speakers at the same time, as one can send while the other receives. In testing, we found the 40-foot reception claim to be a tad optimistic for most real-world scenarios. A more realistic distance is 30 feet. However, it is not distance per se that will be the limiting factor; rather itís the number of walls and interfering devices between the headset and its receiver. In open areas you can indeed get 30+ feet without a noticeable impact on audio quality, but more than three walls between the headset and computer will result in signal loss.

The Vengeance 2000's Software

One of the largest weaknesses of the Vengeance 1500 was the included software and its lackluster capabilities. Unfortunately, the Vengeance 2000ís software package has been even further streamlined and had things removed from its already scant feature set.

As with the 1500, thereís a choice between either stereo (or ďbypassĒ) mode or virtual surround sound mode. You can also tweak the sound profile via the included ten-band equalizer and choose from many pre-configured options. Unlike with the 1500, you canít tweak the placement of any of the virtual ďspeakers.Ē In practical terms, this means itís impossible to create a custom soundstage to help overcome any of the surround sound mixing issues that sometimes occur in poorly crafted games. For instance, if the rearmost speaker output is too low for your needs, you will be unable to compensate for it in this rather basic software package.


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