PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     April 6, 2008

Cables and Connectors

- Molex: 8 Connectors
o 1x 21” length (2 Connectors each)
o 1x 33” length (3 Connectors each)
o 1x 38” length (3 Connectors each)

- SATA: 6 Connectors
o 1x 32” length (3 connectors each)
o 1x 37” length (3 connectors)

- PCI-E 6+2 pin: 2 Connectors
o 2x 22” length

- PCI-E 6-Pin: 2 Connectors
o 1x 22” length

- Floppy: 2 Connectors (@ end of 21”Molex cable)
o 1x 28” length

- 24-pin ATX Connector: 19 1/2” length

- 4-Pin CPU Connector: 24” length

- 8-Pin CPU Connector: 24” length

Each and every one of the cables on the 750 Quad is of an excellent length and there are more than enough connectors to for literally any application you could be using it for. This is quite refreshing since we have seen far too many power supplies lately with CPU connectors which were far too short. The only little hiccup we had here was with the length of the ATX connector which at under 20” is a tad bit on the short side. There are however some issues we have with these cables…

It just boggles our minds how such a highly-regarded power supply manufacturer could have slipped up so badly when it comes to properly sleeving the cables on one of their premier units. It looks like someone forgot to send out the memo telling the shop to sleeve the WHOLE cable instead of just the top portion. This goes for both the Molex and SATA cables which have their sleeving stop at the first connector on each string. This doesn’t look good at all and an incomplete job like this has no place on a higher-end power supply.

Once again we have to mention the sleeving with the CPU connectors as well. Interestingly, the 4-pin CPU connector gets the full treatment while the 8-pin gets the short end of the stick and is not totally sleeved. Whaaa?

Even though there are a few sleeving SNAFUs with some of the other cables, those with the PCI-E connectors are downright perfect. With this power supply we get two 6-pin PCI-E connectors and two 6+2 pin connectors so you could connect up to four lower-end graphics cards or two extremely power hungry cards.

9800GX2 Compatibility

As some of you may know, the Nvidia 9800GX2 requires a particular layout of the 8-pin PCI-E connector in order for a power supply to be compatible with it. If your power supply does not have the right kind of 8-pin PCI-E connector, you will either have to modify the connector or the fan shroud of the card which would void your warranty in both cases. In this section we will be looking at this power supply’s compatibility with Nvidia’s new dual-GPU monster.

According to our rep from OCZ, the best way to attach the 750 Quad’s 6+2 pin connector to the GX2 is to first insert the two ground wires and then insert the 6-pin connector. Lo and behold, the connector fit with a little “gentle” persuasion and powered the card without any problems at all for the week we used it.

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