Cooler Master HAF XM Mid Tower Case Review

Author: Dimitry
Date: April 23, 2012
Product Name: HAF XM
Part Number: RC-922XM-KKN1
Warranty: 1 Year
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Cooler Masterís original HAF series were genre defining products which incorporated everything an enthusiast could possibly want into a relatively compact mid tower enclosure. The 912, 922 and 932 didnít cost all that much either which led to each becoming a highly successful chassis designs, regardless of stiff competition from Corsair, Antec and some others. This success was paralleled by the massive, feature rich full tower HAF X which incorporated many of its smaller siblingís design ideas but Cooler Master upsized them and went one step further by adding in a few more interesting elements.

With all of the HAF-seriesí positive press, there was still room for improvement on a number of fronts. First and foremost, the militaristic look of the early HAF cases looked great to some but many others cried out for a less imposing looking exterior design. In addition, the smaller HAF cases featured plenty of space and the HAF X had almost too much room but there was no middle ground unless you decided to jump off the Cooler Master ship and head over to Corsair or Antecís offerings. Ever since those first cases launched Cooler Master has been hard at work taking notes and the end result is their new HAF XM.

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The HAF XM may be termed as a mid tower case but it actually strides in the grey area between full tower and midsized status. The exterior dimensions may be slightly larger than those of a typical mid tower case but they donít come anywhere close to full tower status.

While there hasnít been a massive departure away from the HAF-seriesí aggressive looks, things have been toned down in all of the right areas on the XM. Instead of the massive in your face HAF branding that was apparent on some previous chassis, this one strides for a more subtle approach.

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The HAF XMís interior is rife with cable routing options and it even comes with a unique power supply cable baffle which successfully covers the spiderís nest of wires typically located at the bottom of most cases. Cooler Master has also seen fit to include a pair of 200mm fans, plenty of potential locations for a water cooling setup, USB 3.0 compatibility, a neatly hidden 2.5Ē mount and support for E-ATX motherboards.

The list of features on Cooler Masterís HAF XM goes on and on but this really is a case that has to be seen to be appreciated so check out our full video review below!


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