Samsung Galaxy Note Review

Author: 3oh6
Date: March 24, 2012
Product Name: Galaxy Note
Part Number: SGH-I717
Warranty: 1 Year (Manufacturer), Upgrades available
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GPS / WiFi

Speedtest.net results WiFi and 4G LTE - Sasmung Galaxy NoteThere is no messing around when it comes to the wireless capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

We tested the WiFi on a residential DSL 12 Mbps/100 KBps (down/up) network that consistently scores a wired connection 10~ Mbps/100~ KBps. The two peach tests in the screenshot show an almost perfect 9.80 Mbps/112 KBps which bested several notebooks we've run through this test.

We also have access to a faster connection on the University of Western Ontario at the Unlondon Unlab and tested the Wireless-N there as well...those are the Green results. Let's just say the Note had no problems keeping up with the limits of a seeminly limitless network. These match and in some cases beat the numbers we usually get over the wireless N at the Unlab.

Runkeeper and GPS functions are spot on with the Samsung Galaxy NoteThe last two tests, (Blue & Red) are on the Bell 4G LTE network. Now here in London, or at least where we have checked, the most we can get is 3 bars which is a less than perfect signal but still good nonetheless. The standard is 2. The difference is obvious based on the test results to the right. If you haven't already, go ahead and click on the screen shot to see it full size. We can't draw too much from any of these results because the speeds really are determined by the network, but the Galaxy Note certainly should be able to handle any wireless network you throw at it.

The GPS on the Samsung Galaxy Note was spot on throughout our testing period as well. We have had the phone for a good two weeks now and have done everything from track our runs, to bike rides (like the one to the left), to use Google Navigation for our GPS. Bell has a GPS program pre-installed, but we couldn't get it working due to not having an official Bell user password. Regardless, the Google option which was also pre-installed was excellent and received voice directions admirably; even without any voice recognition training.

GPS was sharp and right on point the entire time giving us roughly 300M of notice for turns and felt very fluid. Our runs and bike rides were tack sharp in their accuracy and timing with Runkeeper. Overall, we'll vote 10/10 for GPS with the Galaxy Note on the Bell network.

GL Benchmark

Click on image to enlarge

Gl Benchmark (v2.1.2) tests the graphic capabilities of the device by measuring the OpenGL performance. It involves a mix of 3D and 2D tests. We didn't run the entire suite but all of the pertinent tests. You can click on the thumbnail above and see all of the results we gathered. The Galaxy Note is a strong device, this we know. We didn't spend much time playing games on the Note, but any game we briefly tested ran fine. Despite the large 1280x800 screen, the Galaxy Note has more than enough processing power to run the display.


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Quadrant (v2.0) benchmark is more of a PC Mark-like system test for those familiar with computer benchmarking. Quadrant tests multiple sub-systems, and then produces results of those sub-systems as well as a final score. Clicking on the thumbnail above will show the results of the Galaxy Note, both the sub-sytem results along the bottom, and the final score. We can see the Galaxy Note again tests well when compared to other devices. We did notice that some reviews had the Galalxy Note receiving 3000 points in Quadrant, so be mindful of the variations benchmarks can have from one system to the next.

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