Dell Professional P2412H 24” Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: April 16, 2012
Product Name: Professional P2412H
Part Number: P2412H
Warranty: 3 Years
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A Closer Look at the Dell P2412H

With its distinguished dark color scheme, the new Dell P2412H is obviously meant for the business environment. Much as Hawaiian shirts and cowboy hats are frowned upon in the majority of workplace scenarios, so too are red racing stripes and clear Lucite bezels considered a bit flamboyant for contemporary office settings. Basic black is the de facto standard, and while it does make the P2412H very conservative in appearance, it also means that this monitor will blend easily into a wide array of home and professional environments. It may not be flashy, but it exudes a sense of elegance and confidence that will appeal to no-nonsense aesthetic sensibilities.

The only dash of color on the P2412—besides the silver Dell logo on the front—is on the integrated stand. In fact, if you think that this stand looks suspiciously similar to the one that accompanies the UltraSharp U2412M we reviewed recently, you’re absolutely correct. This is in fact the same stand, which should be compatible with a range of Dell displays—including the UltraSharp and Professional series 24” models.

While the silver highlights do contrast somewhat jarringly with the blackness of the base and screen bezel, this minor annoyance is more than made up for by the fact that the stand boasts abilities well above average among TN displays.

To be precise, it offers 45° of center-axis swing, 25° of tilt (from +4 to -21) and 130mm of height adjustment, as well as allowing for landscape- to portrait-mode rotation. These are necessary components a work environment since displays are routinely adjusted to compensate for sub-optimal lighting conditions.

In taking a closer look at the capabilities, features, and overall design of this TN monitor compared to the IPS U2412, many areas of overlap between the two designs become apparent. The largest of these is that Dell has opted for physical buttons in the exact same layout as those found on the U2412. We love physical buttons and thus consider this to be a blessing.

The next feature that pops out as a dead ringer for the U2412 is the integrated dual-port USB hub found on the side of the monitor. There may not be any card reader slots, but the USB capabilities will still prove useful for many.

One area where these two models differ significantly—to the detriment of the P2412H—is in input options. As you can see, these are extremely limited. In grand total you can use either a DVI or an analog VGA cable. There are no HDMI or DisplayPort inputs on this unit. Considering the competition in its price category, this is a significant miss for the P2412H but only to potential home users as business environments still typically use one of the two aforementioned options.

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