ABS / Tagan BZ900 900W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     March 18, 2008

ABS / Tagan BZ900 900W Power Supply Review

Product Number: TG-900-U88 BZ/10117
Price: Click Here to Compare Prices
Manufacturer’s Product Page : ABS Computer Technologies - Ultimate M6 Sniper
Fan Size: 1x 135mm
Warranty: 1 Year Labor, 3 Years Parts
Availability: Now

The last time we saw a Tagan power supply here at Hardware Canucks, it was their 2-Force II 600W that was put through its paces. Now, nearly half a year later a new power supply has shown up at our door in the guise of a joint venture between system integrator ABS Labs and Tagan. This relationship has borne fruit with the development of Tagan’s new BZ (Below Zero) and ITZ series of power supplies which have been “certified” by ABS gaming labs. These units promise gamer-oriented performance with numerous features and extras which are sure to appeal to those looking for a power supply with a bit of flair.

While Tagan is a name which is well recognized in enthusiast circles, they have largely stayed bound to the European marketplace of late and the availability of their products in North America (particularly here in Canada) has suffered quite a bit. However, this partnership with ABS Labs gives them an excellent springboard for a much broader acceptance into the North American marketplace and opens up the doors of retail giants like Newegg who regularly stock ABS-branded products. We have already somewhat seen the results of this partnership since these ABS-branded Tagan power supplies are already widely available.

With these power supplies popping up at retailers across the country, people are naturally curious about the differences between the ITZ and BZ series of power supplies since they come in exactly the same wattages. The main differences lie in the feature sets available with both the ITZ and the BZ since the ITZ uses non-modular cables and dual 80mm fans while the BZ has modular connectors and a single 135mm fan. There are other more minor differences but these additional features contribute to the BZ-series being marketed as the higher-end solution with a higher price to match.

In this review we will be looking at the BZ900 which boasts 900W of continuous power along with modular connectors and more accessories than you can shake a PCI-E connector at. Priced between $210 to $260 (check our price comparison engine for the latest prices), Tagan is aiming this unit squarely at the enthusiast price-bracket which is now dominated by products like Silverstone’s DA-series and Thermaltake’s Toughpowers. That may prove to be a tough nut to crack since these two previously-named companies are entrenched pretty well in the North American marketplace. Unfortunately, the BZ900 comes with a 3-year parts and one year labor warranty which means that if something goes wrong with this power supply after a year, you will have to pay any and all labor costs on warranty and RMA work.

Instead of boring you with all the other details about Tagan, ABS and the history of these power supplies, let’s jump straight into the review shall we?


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