Scythe Ninja Copper CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     March 16, 2008

Scythe Ninja Copper CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer Product Page: Scythe "NINJA COPPER" All copper 6HeatPipes CPU Cooler
Model Number: SCNJ-CU1000
Availability: Now
Price: Compare Prices for Scythe Copper Ninja
Warranty Length: 2 years

It’s hard to believe that Scythe has only been around for 5 years. Yes, the company that has done so much for the computer cooling industry only started out in 2003. In those five short years Scythe has brought us such cooling goodies as their S-Flex 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fans, ultra quiet Kama bay coolers and of course an assortment of high quality coolers like the Mine, Infinity and the perennial favorites: the Ninja and mini-Ninja. They have made, and then remade time and time again what we consider a "CPU cooler" to be. Whether you like their products or not, everyone has to agree that the people over at Scythe are true trailblazers and one of the leaders of the cooling industry.

Traditionally, wood is the proper gift to give for 5 year anniversaries...yeah plain old wood. To me this does help explain why North American divorce rates are so high. If I wrapped a hunk of wood in an gift box, even it was an expensive fancy antique “black forest” clock, and gave it as my 5 year anniversary gift….umm I probably would A) be hit in the head with it and then B)wake up in the dog house. Luckily for us Scythe loves breaking traditions and has gone a different route to celebrate its 5 year anniversary. No wood for these guys, nothing but solid COPPER is good enough for their 5 year celebration.

Today we will be looking at Scthe’s 5 year Anniversary Edition Ninja Copper and putting it through its paces. It has a lot of hype to live up to, since Scythe's fans have been pushing for this one ever since the original Ninja came out (and let us not forget the teaser than never went anywhere, the copper modded Ninja that Scythe had on display @ Computex back in 2005). Even though the aluminum versions of the Ninja have been surpassed by others, a die hard cadre of Scythe Ninja fanatics have been hyping up the nirvana-inducing potential of the Ninja….if only they would make it out of copper. Heck I have lost count of the number of threads that go “the Ninja is a real winner….but if they made it out of copper it would be awesome…” So with curiosity & expectation levels as big as the Ninja Copper itself let’s see how good a cooler it really is....now that they have finally produced it.


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