ViewSonic V3D231 3D Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: April 8, 2012
Product Name: V3D231
Part Number: V3D231
Warranty: 3 years
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A Closer Look at the ViewSonic V3D231

While the ViewSonic V3D231 may not be the smallest or thinnest monitor we have seen recently, this 23” display does have a surprisingly small footprint. Otherwise, it retains all of the nondescript qualities we like in gaming monitors.

Aesthetically, ViewSonic’s V3D231 black-on-black color scheme is stylish, albeit in a conservative way. The only splash of color on the front is the ViewSonic logo, badges for the various standards it complies with, and the labels for the buttons clustered on the bezel’s bottom edge. This suggests a minimalistic design philosophy for the V3D231: ViewSonic wants this monitor’s abilities to speak for themselves and doesn’t want flashy Lucite coverings or red racing stripes to get in its way. The downside to this stylistic approach is that the V3D231 could be accused of looking dull and drab—but we believe the term “utilitarian” is a better fit. It may not be a conversation piece like the 23” Dell SM2330X, but the V3D231 is by no means unattractive.

Happily, ViewSonic has abstained from using touch-sensitive buttons on their latest creation. Rather, they use good old fashioned physical buttons, which are both responsive and afford the user good tactile feedback without being sticky or overly stiff.

It was also good to see a somewhat generous list of input options on this TN monitor. You may not get a DisplayPort, but you do get HDMI 1.4, analog VGA, and DVI which is a step up from some other sets on the market. This is in addition to the 3.5mm stereo-in port for the built-in SRS Premium speakers and a 3.5mm stereo-out port for headphones.

The input options and real physical buttons are a nice touch, but the stand which accompanies the V3D231 isn’t impressive in the least. It may be above average in the looks department, but it affords the ViewSonic a rather minimal range of movement. To be precise, this base boasts zero swivel and height adjustment capabilities and only average tilt adjustment. This will make getting the perfect viewing angle—crucial for passive 3D displays—a difficult and imprecise exercise.

On the positive side, where this is a passive 3D monitor meant to be an all in one solution so ViewSonic a pair of polarized glasses and - for us prescription eye glass wearing folk - a clip on lens set. These polarized glasses are extremely lightweight and while they do feel flimsy they are extremely comfortable to wear and will never go dead on you like battery powered 3D active glasses can.

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