QNAP TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS Review

by AkG     |     March 10, 2008

QNAP TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS Review

Manufacturer Product Page: QNAP Systems, Inc. (TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS)- NAS storage and Surveillance products provider
Product Number: TS-409 Pro
Availability: Now
Price: Compare Prices for QNAP TS-409 Pro
Warranty Length: 1 year

While Network Attached Storage has been around since the early 1980’s it was designed to work in server based environments and help reduce the load on “big iron” servers. It wasn’t until the advent of home networks and fast, large and cheap storage that NAS’s caught on in the Small Office / Home Office and even now small / Medium Business environments where access to an IT budget large enough to afford a server is years and many day dreams removed from reality. Not everyone or even every company needs a full fledged (i.e. expensive) server, yet they do have a need for file & print services; albeit at a significantly reduced level and significantly reduced price. It is here that modern NAS’s have found a useful and highly profitable niche for themselves. In many ways it is easier to consider modern NAS’s as “mini-servers” but the more correct appellation would be “Network Appliance” in that they fulfill many of the roles a server would but at heart they are just a modified PC.

In this market niche, dedicated IT staff may few and far between so the setup and maintenance of these units has to be as user friendly and bullet-proof as possible. As long as it is “fast enough” this market niche’s clientele are more than willing to overlook the fact that they are buying for all intents and purposes a heavily customized Unix OS on a slow and non-upgradeable PC. This is because the majority of NAS customers are willing to give up raw performance for ease of use and perceived stability / disaster proofing.

In recent years QNAP has been making quiet the reputation for themselves; in fact in their first foray into the NAS arena the TS-101 was honored as “the best choice of Computex” the year it was released. QNAP prides themselves on being not only an industry leader but a industry innovator. The secret to their success is that they have taken their solid and integrated expertise on the Linux embedded platform and wrapped this power in an extremely user friendly interface. Or to put it bluntly they have listened to what their core customers want and then they set themselves the task of delivering it.

Today we will be looking at QNAP's largest and most powerful NAS to date. QNAP TS-409 Pro Turbo is a 4-bay, hot-swappable, Linux embedded All-In-One NAS server appliance. It has been specifically designed for business users who need high performance mass storage along with useful server features usually found on much more expensive devices. This NAS not only supports RAID 0, 1 and 5 but also RAID 6. If this wasn’t enough it also supports hot swapping and online spare hard drive, RAID migration, RAID expansion and a whole cornucopia of other goodies. Basically, with this product QNAP is looking to offer you everything but the kitchen sink and then for the heck of it they threw in the kitchen sink too.

Before we get started, we would just like to make one thing clear. Usually when the word “Pro” and “Turbo” are used a certain increase in performances level is usually expected; however, when it comes to NAS’s the manufacturers mean that the memory and /or processing power has been increased and this rarely translates into faster download speeds per say. In real world situations the Pro or Turbo models can handle multiple requests better than their “normal” counterparts. Will this be the case with the QNAP 409 Pro Turbo, or will it buck the status quo and be a “lean mean transferin’ machine”? More importantly have all the great features that QNAP gave the 409 Pro Turbo been implemented with their usual style and panache, or will it turn out to be a case of unfulfilled potential? Continue reading and we’ll do our best to give answer these and many more questions!


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