Dell S2330MX 23" LED Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: December 29, 2011
Product Name: Dell S2330MX
Part Number: S2330MX
Warranty: 1 Year
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For many consumers the overall dimension and footprint of their monitor just doesn’t seem to matter but for those of us who are constrained by a limited amount of desktop real estate, size does indeed matter. It just so happens that in order to condense as much hardware into a small space, engineers usually have to look towards innovative designs. We’ve already seen this with smaller high performance notebooks like Dell’s XPS 14z and Sony’s Vaio Z and quite a few of the newer high end LED HDTVs. PC monitors have also received a healthy dose of redesign away from the utilitarian looks of yesteryear and Dell’s new S2330MX is no exception. It strives to offer great looking industrial design while taking up a minimal amount of space on your desk.

The S2330MX is not only thin and sure to impress consumers who demand waifish dimensions but it also represents Dell’s thinnest monitor to date. With an overall depth which varies from 30.3mm down to an amazing 9.9mm, there are USB thumb-drives which are thicker than this!

Usually in order to make a monitor as thin as possible certain compromises have to be made in either price, performance or the build quality. With a MSRP of only $249.99 – and a sale price of under $180 - Dell doesn’t seem to have taken Apple’s by associating high end industrial design with an exponentially increased price. This naturally begs the question as to what exactly has been done to make this new 23” 1080p monitor so thin and yet still be so reasonably priced. There of course is a third option and that is no severe compromises have been and the S2330MX is what many consumers – even those not looking for an ultra slim monitor – are looking for: a monitor which is not only reasonably priced but performs as good as it looks.


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