Dell S2330MX 23" LED Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: December 29, 2011
Product Name: Dell S2330MX
Part Number: S2330MX
Warranty: 1 Year
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A Closer Look at the Dell S2330MX

With its razor sharp lines, classic black styling and dimensions thinner than most people’s index finger, the Dell S2330MX is built to impress the minimalist in all of us. While it may not have a glossy exterior or flashy Lucite coverings, the S2330MX is truly meant to be a functional conversation piece and one that is sure to garner numerous double takes from even the most jaded of consumers. It is meant to make prople reconsider any preconceived notions they may have on how much “footprint” a 23” monitor is supposed to have and is sure to make your existing monitor – even if it is a last generation “ultra thin” design – look chunky, bloated and outdated in comparison.

One side effect of making the majority of the S2330MX less than 10mm thick is its removal of physical buttons in favor of a touch sensitive interface. This in and of itself is not necessarily a negative – as we have seen some moderately decent implementations of capacitive buttons – but in the case of the S2330MX it is a major hurdle you will have to overcome in order to properly configure certain settings.

While the downright anorexic thickness of this monitor is very impressive, the rather slim array of input options is disappointing. In grand total we get one analog “VGA” port, one DVI port, and the power connector port for the external power brick. No HDMI port, DisplayPort or even a USB hub is included. Helping to negate this issue is the included HDMI to DVI adapter.

Between these three main input options most consumers’ needs should be adequately satisfied, but we do wish that a DisplayPort had also been included for those that want to do away with the clunky DVI connection. Also on the positive side is the input options direct-on positioning which makes accessing these ports extremely easy. However, the typical straight-style connectors do tend to detract from the overall look and significantly increase the thickness of this monitor. Needless to say, if you have to use the included DVI to HDMI adapter, you may wish to invest in a good 90° connector.

The rather petite ring style base certainly does blend seamlessly with the rest of the S2330MX but it does come with some major downsides. Chief amongst them is the inability to completely stabilize this monitor and a good push – for example at poking the “buttons” to no avail – can upturn the whole affair if done with enough force. This is a cardinal sin for base designs and one where form should never take a back seat to function.

On the “function” side of the equation, this base is rather limited in its abilities. With it, you can tilt the monitor from +4° to -21° which is very good but it can’t swivel, rotate nor adjust the S2330MX’s height.

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