BFG ES-800 800W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     February 27, 2008

BFG ES-800 800W Power Supply Review

Product Number: BFGR800WESPSU
Price: Approx $200CAD
Packaging: Retail
Fan Size: 1x 135mm
Warranty: Lifetime
Availability: April 2008

BFG is a company which is well known mainly for their graphics cards but they have much broader horizons than that. Even though graphics cards are their bread and butter, they also produce motherboards, peripherals and power supplies as well. In this review we will be looking at their latest power supply which will soon be released upon the global marketplace. Even though you can call this a review, it can also be counted as a sneak peak at what consumers can expect once these units become available. The name of this power supply is the BFG ES-800 and it has quite a story to go along with it.

A short time ago, we here at Hardware Canucks reviewed BFG’s “older” Topower-made 800W power supply and found that it left us wanting a quite a few areas. While the overall voltage regulation was quite good, the cables were not long enough, it exhibited a fair amount of ripple and it was loud as hell when pushed. Seeing that their first 800W power supply’s performance was not appealing to the enthusiast crowd they were targeting, BFG went back to the drawing board. Without a doubt, they were on a mission and that mission was to prove that they could release a power supply which appealed to enthusiasts while keeping a respectable price. Even though it was a tall order, we were all convinced that BFG had the muscle to back it up.

Months past and we heard from our contacts over at BFG that the fruits of their labor had finally been realized in the form of a brand new 800W power supply. Don’t mistake this new ES-800 unit with BFG’s 800W unit of yesteryear; this one has been completely redesigned from the ground up by a brand new OEM and it is raring to go. This is the first BFG unit designed under the tutelage of a knowledgeable core of power supply experts headed by Jon Gerow (also known as Jonnyguru) and with this team it seems like BFG has laid the foundations for the release of some exciting units. However, we can talk about what the future has in store all we like but this time future is now and the ES-800 is on its way to our shores.

While it has not been released yet, the preliminary pricing has the BFG ES-800 pegged at around $200to $220 which seems to represent a great value for your hard earned money. In addition to competitive pricing, this power supply also comes with a lifetime warranty which in our books is in and of itself worth the price of admission.

BFG has their sights firmly placed on the enthusiast power supply market once again and we are about to see if their second time at bat produces another line-drive or a full-fledged home run.


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