NVIDIA GeForce LAN Day 2 & 3 Coverage

by Sam Reynolds     |     October 18, 2011

EVGA Shows Overclocking on X79 and Sandy Bridge E Rig

The EVGA overclocking crew -- lead by master of the trade “KingPin” -- were at the GeForce LAN in full force, demonstrating how many frames four overclocked GTX 580s running in SLI mode could push out in Battlefield 3 with the resolution and graphics maxed out.

And the results were impressive. At its peak the system managed to pump out around 200 FPS, and sustained an average in the high 170s.

Aside from the overlocked GTX 580s, the system on stage was powered by the EVGA X79 motherboard running a Intel Sandy-Bridge E chip and cooled using their new RTS2011LC cooler (the liquid nitrogen helped). As the exact details of this particular chip, and motherboard are still under NDA, neither EVGA nor “KingPin” would disclose further details.

Later a rep from Intel came up on stage to share some more details of the Sandy Bridge E platform, which the company claims will likely be launching in November but definitely before the end of the year.

Unfortunately, the acoustics in the hanger deck, which served as the main exhibition hall, were quite poor so the audio in the video is a little rough.

EVGA also gave us a quick up close and personal look at their new X79 Classified Sandy Bridge E board:

Toshiba Talks 3D, Gaming Laptops and Tablets

Toshiba also had a sizable showing at the event, demonstrating some of their new tablets, gaming laptops, and 3D monitors.

The tablet Toshiba had on display, the “Thrive 2”, is something of a plump device though its power and usability certainly make up for this less than desirable characteristic. Running Android’s Honeycomb release, and powered by the NVIDIA Tegera 2 dual-core processor, the tablet can certainly pack a punch. The screen is vivid, and the touch display is responsive. It contains all the necessary ports: micro USB, full sized USB, and HDMI.

However, on pure aesthetics the device simply can’t compete with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and iPad 2. If you sit down at a coffee shop with the Thrive and someone at a neighboring table pulls out one of the aforementioned devices, a case of tablet-envy will most certainly occur.

Toshiba also had a full line up of gaming laptops displayed. Their Qosmio F-755 machine featuring glasses-free 3D technology was a bit disappointing. While the machine was powerful enough, the quality of the 3D imagery on the screen was pale in comparison to NVIDIA’s 3D vision 2 that was also being displayed. In addition, the device only offers 3D support for movies though the Toshiba rep promised that support for games was “down the road”.


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