AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 Processor Review

Author: MAC
Date: October 11, 2011
Product Name: AMD FX-8150
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Overclocking Results

As was recently demonstrated by AMD themselves, Zambezi has overclocking headroom, a lot of it. However, their world record run was achieved using liquid helium, which is pinnacle of cooling technology at the moment. What can the Average Joe hope to achieve with a half-decent CPU cooler? Let's find out:

Now to be fair, we haven't had the opportunity to spend much time overclocking the FX-8150. As a result, there is undoutedly another 100-200Mhz to be extracted, but for now we are quite pleased. A one gigahertz overclocking over the stock 3.6GHz, and across all eight cores is no small feat. We are sure that 5.0-5.2Ghz will be within reach of those with particularly good chips or a solid water-cooling setup. In order to hit 4.6Ghz, we set the vCore to 1.50V with some light Load-Line Calibration (LLC). At this voltage, the processor heated up considerably, reaching well over 77°C when stress tested by Prime95 In-place large FFTs.

At these settings, the system is idling at around 195W, but when running the aforementioned Prime95 stress test, it pulls an immense 550W from the socket. If we also add a fully loaded GeForce GTX 460 1GB to the mix, that number spikes up to almost 800W. Obviously, no one runs a CPU and GPU stress tests at the same time, but this does illustrate what the worst case scenario could be when it comes to power consumption.

In the coming days, we will see what kind of headroom our chip has with regard to the northbridge, and whether it can hit the same impressive memory frequencies that we saw with our A6-3650 APU.

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