Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24” IPS Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: October 19, 2011
Product Name: UltraSharp U2412
Part Number: U2412
Warranty: 3 Years + 3 Year Pixel Guarantee
Purchase at NCIX: UK
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The UltraSharp monitors have traditionally been one of Dell’s top selling series for four simple reasons: size, quality, customer service and price. These are usually the go-to screens for discerning individuals and the new U24 models continue to offer up the same winning combination.

By offering a reasonably large, high quality 16:10 IPS panel at a price point which is infinitely more palatable than the U27 or U30 series, the U24s have always been considered a great value. This perception of value is further enhanced by the Dell monitor customer service department known for their commitment to excellence. The all new U2412M, hopes to continue this enviable tradition by offering exactly what first time professional consumers want, at a price which undercuts many other IPS-based offerings.

Rather than revolutionary changes, Dell prefers to take the UltraSharp line through a slow but steady evolution and when something works, they stick with it. This is exactly what they have done with the U2412M since it has many points in common with the U2410 we reviewed but it is geared towards a completely different market niche. Hence why the U2412M will reside alongside the U2410 rather than replace it at the top of the U24 series food chain.

Much like the U2410, the U2412M uses a 1920x1200, 16:10 IPS based panel with a native contrast ratio of 1000:1. However this new model is LED backlit for increased efficiency and relies on an e-IPS screen instead of the U2410’s p-IPS panel. The implementation of “enhanced-IPS” technology means this new monitor has a slower response time (8ms vs. 6ms) and reduced maximum brightness of 300 (versus 400 cd/m2) when compared to its sibling. All this should – in theory – make the U2412M less power hungry while still offering most of the colour accuracy and excellent viewing angles which made previous U24 models so appealing to certain individuals.

With an online asking price of between $340 and $400, consumers searching for a high quality screen without the U2410 cost may just find the U2412 to be a great deal. Assuming this model has enough performance and features to justify the jump up from the TN price range, we may be looking at a new benchmark for low cost IPS monitors.


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