OCZ Freeze Extreme Thermal Compound Review

by Prof. Dr. Silver     |     February 21, 2008

OCZ Freeze Extreme Thermal Compound Review

Manufacturer's Part Number: OCZTFRZTC
Manufacturer's Product Page: OCZ Technology
Price: $5.00-$12.00CAD
Availability: Now
Quantity: 3 grams / tube

OCZ is in the business of innovation; this is a company that is competing in an industry that thrives on the unrelenting need to improve and adapt. That is a good marketing slogan, but what do they really do? OCZ Technology Group (a member of JEDEC) designs, develops and manufactures ground-breaking, high performance memory and computer components that set industry standards. OCZ products are the first choice for users needing high-reliability, ultra-high performance solutions. Here’s the ‘About OCZ’:

Entering the memory market in August 2000, OCZ Technology was built around the determination to manufacture the best high speed DDR and RDRAM. In 2007, PC Power & Cooling and Hypersonic PC were brought into the OCZ Technology Group, forming a well-rounded, highly innovative organization that places the company at the forefront of high-end computing. Nowadays the people of OCZ work to improve communication with CPU and motherboard chipset manufacturers prior to the release of their products. Only in this manner can we fine-tune our memory's SPD settings, ensuring a synergistic relationship between the memory module, memory controller, and microprocessor. In today’s rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, such communication is not simply research, but a necessary component of our manufacturing process.

So what is today’s review all about? It is not about power supplies (though OCZ has some good ones with their purchase of PC Power & Cooling) or memory products made by OCZ. Instead, we are going to discuss one of their newest products: a thermal compound. If you all remember correctly, we said in our last thermal compound review that we were going to use that product until something better came out. Well, OCZ has come out with their own new thermal compound and it is looking to capture top spot in our tests.

OCZ's new compound is aptly named Freeze Extreme and it is supposedly up to as much as ten percent better than their previous (now EOL) Ultra 5+ thermal compound. It comes in a compact, solid, easy to use and economical 3 gram tube which is par for the course when it comes to the thermal compound industry. While we are on the subject of money, depending on where you look, OCZ Freeze is actually a lot cheaper than many of the other thermal compounds out there based on how much you get for the price you pay. However, as with all products the price of the OCZ Freeze can vary quite a bit from store to store; we have seen it retailing for as little as $5.00 to as much as $12.00CAD per tube. If OCZ's Freeze can perform as well as it promises, then we may have a new top dog.


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